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Property management in Poland - does it exist?

Viena 1 | -
15 Nov 2007 #1
I am Polish and living in Canada and interested in investing in some property in the Gdansk area. Are there any property management services that would look after renting out an apartment?
15 Nov 2007 #2
Are there any property management services that would look after renting out an apartment?

yes, there are, however I don't know any adresses off hand. I believe that real estate agencies in Poland would have more info.
toddy - | 1
13 Aug 2010 #3
Merged: Looking For Property Management Companies in Poznan & Warsaw

Hi, I currently own two apartments in Poland, one is located in Poznan and the other in Warsaw. They are currently being managed by redNet!!!!!!!

I am paying 1 months rent or finding a tenant (per property) plus 8% in managing fees.

I have read on this site that half a months rent is normal, but no company names were mentioned.

If anybody can help and provide me with company names and contact numbers I would be very grateful


APM - | 4
18 Aug 2010 #4
Toddy, I think I could offer you competitive fees amounts. If you are interested in more details, please send me PRV message.
waelpro - | 8
20 Aug 2010 #5
what about Royalproperties in warsaw
I'm Agent in this company it could be 50%
just send me some foto and the price and loction
will lett you know about it soon as i can
21 Oct 2011 #6
We manage property throughout Poland, we have a full online system and will beat any other management company's fees.
Check out sim property group for more details or contact me at simpropertygroup
Simon Tweddle
pip 10 | 1,658
21 Oct 2011 #7
so did you recommend taking a mortgage in Euros?
4 Oct 2013 #8
I use Propetry Management Service Poland -
They charge 8% plus a one off fee of 500zl- which in my case is less than 50% of the flat value, which is brilliant :) It's early days, I only found them 2 months ago, but so far they seem really efficient, better than my award winning south London property agent!

Arhsub - | 5
22 Oct 2013 #9
Yeah, I agree with simpropertygroup, it is a good company you can trust. Otherwise, you are new to your area, you should ask the peoples living around you for a good property management company. All the best.
Polishexpat - | 1
29 Dec 2014 #10
Fees seem about right to me with regards to management. With regards to finding the tenant, I suppose it depends to some degree how effective they are. You could try a company called Hamilton May - run by an English guy. Might be able to get an opinion from him.

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