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Zones to live in Bydgoszcz

peter0conor 3 | 5
1 Nov 2013 #1
Hi there,

I will be moving shortly from USA to Bydgoszcz to work for a private company. I am currently looking for apartment/house to rent, and I will greatly appreciate if someone give me some advice about what are the benefits or drawbacks of living in certain zones/areas/districts. To be honest I have the opportunity to visit the city centre, but I am not sure if that will fit my needs having two children (5 and 9 years old). Also, I am planing to get a car later on (maybe after my 6 first months), thus I am OK having to use the public transportation for short distances.

kaizengirl - | 2
8 Jan 2014 #2
Merged: Which districts in Bydgoszcz are the best to live in, in terms of nearby amenities?

Cześć all,
I'll be moving to Bydgoszcz in early February and currently flat hunting. I want to ask your opinion on a few districts or neighborhoods to live in terms of whether it is near to amenities such as shops, banks, pharmacy, supermarkets and easy access to transport like trams, autobus to Biznes Park Kraszewskiego 1. I know there are lots of informative and friendly people in here. Thank you in advance.

Okole - is this near to old town and main railway station? how far is it to. what are the amenities nearby?
Glinki - i saw from google map that it is this nearby supermarkets Aldi & Biedronka as well as Alior bank? how far is this to Biznes Park Kraszewskiego 1 by public transport? other amenities?

Blonie - how far is this to Biznes Park Kraszewskiego 1 by public transport? other amenities?
Osowa Góra - how far is this to Biznes Park by public transport? other amenities?
Torunska - not sure if this is a district. if it is what are the amenities and how far to biznes park by public transport?

is downtown area like Fordon?
what about forest estate, ul. Sulkowski area?
and others if I do not know of but really good districts to stay and hopefully nearer to Biznes Park Kraszewskiego 1 (work place).
thanks and appreciate the information from the pan & pani of Bydgoszcz. :)
Oldyoungloon - | 16
8 Jan 2014 #3
Szwederewo is probably one of the better neighbourhoods, it's safe clean and 10 mins from the Old Town has great transport links and has a few supermarkets.

Glinki is a nice enough are but you'd need a car to get about or a minimum of two trams or busses for most journeys.

Blonie again has great transport links is quite safe and seems full of Nato and Spanish students,
If you don't plan on driving then i'd say either Srodmiescie or Szwederewo as you won't be more than 10 mins walk to the centrum and the bus and tram hubs.
8 Jan 2014 #4
transport like trams, autobus to Biznes Park Kraszewskiego 1.

A really good website for info about journeys by public transport is

I'll be moving to Bydgoszcz in early February and currently flat hunting.

You really can't flat hunt until you're in the city.
9 Jan 2014 #5
Not sure why somone recommends Szwederowo. That used to be the city's bad spot in my days. Osowa gura and Blonie is basicaly post communist bloki for as far as you can see in all directions. If you want a little more character I would go to osiedle lesne albo bielawki. Buses 52 or 67 sed to go there.
kaizengirl - | 2
9 Jan 2014 #6
Thanks Oldyoungloon, Harry and gucio. Really appreciate your feedback.
Oldyoungloon, i was kind of interested with Glinki but it seems from what you said, i'll have a hard time if I don't have my own transport in getting around.

Harry, i understand that I got to be in the city to do that. Do you know of any reliable and honest real estate agent that you can help put me in contact?

Gucio, what do you mean by more character in osiedle lesne albo bielawki? Is that the whole name of the area? So from your experience, it is not safe to live in Szwederowo, Osowa Gora & Blonie?
Oldyoungloon - | 16
14 Jan 2014 #7
I've lived in Szwederewo for 4 years and it's as safe as anywhere in the city though it does have a reputation from the days after the fall of the PRL , You could try asking on foreigners in Bydgoszcz facebook page for info regarding Estate agents.
OP peter0conor 3 | 5
17 Mar 2014 #8
Could anyone please let me know where I can find a map on the web showing me the different districts or neighborhoods of Bydgoszcz? Thanks

Monitor 14 | 1,820
17 Mar 2014 #9
Jardinero 1 | 405
18 Mar 2014 #10
Also conveniently located Wyżyny used to be quite pleasant, not sure if that has changed...
27 May 2014 #11
I am going to work in Bydgoszcz, too. I have been searching for a good place to live. Nobody mentioned Czyżkówko, I found some good(seems to be good) rentals there. Has anybody any experience of living in Czyżkówko district?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 May 2014 #12
Open google street view of that area. If it looks OK, not too many commiblocks, then should be all right.

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