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Mortgage for apartment - difference between Kredyt Hipoteczny (Mieszkaniowy) and Pozyczka Hipoteczna?

12 Feb 2015 #1
Hey hey,

I am orientating to purchase an appartment in Poland, I am living here already for a few years, me and my partner, would like to buy our own place. However when we Google about the mortgage loans in Poland we not really know what's the difference between Kredytowy Mieszkania and hipoteka pozyczka.

I think it's also possible to get a hipoteka pozyczka on an appartment... but maybe someone can tell me the difference ? :)

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13 Feb 2015 #2
In Polish, but maybe a translator will help:

The main difference between the mortgage credit and the mortgage loan is the purpose for which the borrowed money is to be spent. In the case of credit the property must be credited, while at the loan - the purpose of the credit is optional. If you want to finance a holiday trip, buy a car, new furniture, home electronics, appliances, or other item that requires a larger amount of money, you can use the loan. However, it is necessary to have the property on which the creditor (the bank) can be secured. To sum up - mortgage credit is for those who do not have a home and want to buy it, while the mortgage loan is only available for people who already have their own four walls.

The crediting subject at the mortgage credit is a property, and at the mortgage loan we have the flexibility to choose the purpose for which we will make use of received money - emphasize experts from the Financial Advisors Association,poradnik-finansowy,haslo,15.html,Kredyt-hipoteczny-a-pozyczka-hipoteczna,1,48,1.html

From the quick overlook I understand that "kredyt hipoteczny" (mortgage credit) is for buying, renovating or building a house or flat, while "pożyczka hipoteczna" (mortgage loan) for anything else, but to take it you have to possess a house or flat. "Kredyt mieszkaniowy" (apartment credit) is only for buying a flat or house, not for construction a new one or renovation.

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