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Property Tax to pay for running business from my apartment in Poland?

17 Feb 2015 #1

Can someone clarify this? If I run a very small business from home just using 1 room in the apartment with a desk, laptop and telephone to operate my business, I think there is an EXTRA property tax to pay to the local municipal organisation. What is the extra amount? Is it calculated from the room size or the apartment size? I know I also have to pay ZUS and other taxes additionally. My apartment has a property tax for residential use only, I would like please to know the extra I pay if I start a business and use 1 room for the business. Thank you :-)
Roger5 1 | 1,458
17 Feb 2015 #2
Not where I live. As far as I'm aware you are exempt. My wife and I both run small businesses which are registered at our address, and we've never had to pay additional tax.
OP Bas5
17 Feb 2015 #3
Roger, in many cities there is extra tax on the dwelling ... please see this page 3/4 down in English or Polish
Roger5 1 | 1,458
17 Feb 2015 #4
I've seen the page, but I'm advised by my legal department (Mrs Roger) that if the business is operated from, e.g. a spare bedroom, and the operation of the business does not change the residential nature of the property, then no additional tax is payable. I can't see anything about

in many cities there is extra tax on the dwelling

Perhaps you're right. Other posters may have more information.
OP Bas5
17 Feb 2015 #5
Well... unfortunately I am pretty sure I'm right because the residential property tax form asks if a business is run from all or part of the dwelling and for the size of business use area in m2 if so.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
18 Feb 2015 #6
They ask that because you might be a physician who has converted a sizeable area of your home into a fully-equipped surgery. In that case, more tax would certainly be payable. If you are using two square metres in your living room, it's another thing. Anyway, let us know if you find out more.
OP Bas5
18 Feb 2015 #7
They said on the phone: not if it's just doing translations at home. But if any customers visit, then yes there is tax. Carrying out a trade activity, then yes. Stocking items to sell, yes. I guess by customers they would also mean students if I became a private tutor. I did not get to the bottom of what they mean by trade activity.
18 Feb 2015 #8
It's a bit difficult to say really, my personal experience is different.
22 Feb 2015 #9
from Office of the City it is 23,03 per 1m2 (part of your flat) if you run business from home

In 2015 the property tax rate will amount per year:

2) from the buildings or parts:
a) residential - 0,74 zł per 1 m2 of usable space,
b) associated with running a business and residential buildings or their parts destined for a business purposes - 23,03 zł per 1 m2 of usable space

My husband and I run business from home (one room of 10m2) and we pay this fee. But you can also deduct some amount of gas fee and energy. E.g. if your flat is 100m2 and you use 10m2 for your business it would be 10%.

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