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Advice on Lodz - the less desirable parts of Lodz (to avoid)?

baboon812 1 | 2
30 Apr 2012 #1
My previous post in the wrong category... here it is re-posted (I will try to delete the other one).

I'm Polish/Canadian and I will be relocating to Lodz mid-May. I'm fluent in Polish. I lived in Slupsk, Poznan, and Szamotuly before and travel to Poland on a regular basis (yearly). I'm starting to look for accommodations, and am just wondering about the less desirable parts of Lodz (to avoid).... just please don't be smart and tell me Lodz is the less desirable area of Lodz. Also my daughter will be going to school in the fall (kindergarten) so recommendations on a good school would be cool and any info on private schools possibly ?? are there any in Lodz for preschoolers?

Also if anyone has a space to rent perhaps please contact me. I'm looking for a 3 bedroom, about 80-120 sqm, with a patio/outdoor area. Can be an apartment or a row/house. My budget is about 2500 PLN per month.

pawian 218 | 22,842
30 Apr 2012 #2
Check this article and its comments about most desirable districts:

An analysis of one of the banks, which, based on loans granted preferences Lodz studied that apartment on the Upper, especially around Mother's Memorial Hospital and st. Rzgowskiej are the most popular. Flats for Widzew enjoy less success, in downtown smallest.

- Widzew lost its appeal because of the price and access - says Dominik Skrzycki, director of retail banking, mortgage lending. - The upper draw relatively low rates (from 4.2 thousand. Zł to 4.5 thousand. Zł per square meter - ed. Ed.), And it is they who are the main criterion for selection. In recent years, this district it gained 3-4. site. Choose it above all people under 45 years of age. As one of the oldest districts is well connected with the rest of the city and has an extensive infrastructure.

Ordinary citizens of Lodz prefer to buy an apartment of 60 sqm., Although the younger they start smaller, counting 50-51 sqm. On the list of priorities, in addition to the location and the price is ... a balcony or terrace. And the average mortgage fluctuates between 200-210 thousand. zł.

Those with a thicker wallet interested in an apartment on the outskirts of the city - Janow, Olechowo and Radogoszcz. The boat can be seen because, at least for now, the desire to escape from the city center. This opposite trend than in Warsaw, whose inhabitants, after realizing how much time absorbing them access to work, come to town. According to Dominic Skrzyckiego, with us for such a situation occurs in 2-3 years.

OP baboon812 1 | 2
30 Apr 2012 #3
very nice - thank you !!
aeolianmode - | 1
5 May 2012 #4
Lived in Lodz for 4 years as a foreign medical student (American). Im not really sure what you mean by less desirable... Lodz is pretty low key, nothing really goes on there. The worst I can think of is piotrkowska on a friday or saturday night, where it can get rambunctious in the early AM's. Other than that I dont think theres much for you to worry about.
27 May 2014 #5
hi Do you still live in Lodz. Please contact as I will be moving to Lodz next year.
Thank you and have a nice day


the nicest places to stay is Soki and Retkinia with new private flats in Pienista area.

joanna @ amberious . com
Paritosh 10 | 62
28 May 2014 #6

I am staying in Lodz from past few months , not sure though if i will be here next year...
but will be nice to contact you


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