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How is the University of Lodz?

2 Feb 2012 /  #1
is it one of the good unis in poland? how is the studying enviroment and teachers? and the students there are nice? i dont wanna live with jerks any more,i have had enough before.
27 Jun 2012 /  #2
[Moved from]: uni of lodz VS uni of torun,which one is better?

both universities are cheap,but which one is better? i mean mainly about the whole system,condition,teachers,etc
1 Jul 2012 /  #3
hmm... i think it depends on department.... which department do you want to choose?
12 Aug 2012 /  #5
Merged: Personal Point of View about University of Lodz

Good day bloggers,

Sorry I can't speak Polish and I am from Malaysia (ASIA) and would like to gather an information about University of Lodz:-

1. Living style in Poland especially in Lodz?
a) Living cost for student.
b) Part time job
c) Transportation
d) etc

2. Your opinion about University of Lodz in term of education quality and employment opportunity for students upon complete their studies?

I have recently offered to pursuing my master degree in University of Lodz MA International Relations- American Studies and Mass Media, my intake will be next year January 2013.

Kindly advise me on this, because I don't have any other sources to get info about Lodz besides from the local peoples

Thank you in advance for your fast reply.

Abhishek Shaji  
25 Jul 2015 /  #6
Merged: Quality of Studies at University of Lodz.

I'm an Indian student who got accepted for BA Computer Science programme(taught in English) at the University of Lodz starting this october so can i get a review about how good the University is and how the good the quality of studies are? Also,will I be eligible to do Masters in Science(MSc.Computer Science) in other Countries like Germany,US,Canada etc.I'm asking this cause the degree from University of Lodz is BA(Bachelor of Arts) and is only of 3 years and the usual length of a degree in India is of 4 Years.
25 Jul 2015 /  #7
yes bro you can study anywhere in the world . Actually I'll be going next year to uni Lodz for my bachelor But I have collected ample of information about the University and city. University education in Poland is superb, far better than our country . And yes you can do M.Sc.

Good luck bro!
14 Aug 2015 /  #8
As soon as I'm done with my bachlor in medicine, I'm thinking about the Medical program in Lodz. But I have a few concerns.

I have a lovely silver labrador that I brought from Germany when I worked there. This happy chap is always on my side, and to be departet from him is just not an option. Is it possible to combine the student life with having a dog.

Second is living. I have tried to find a small house on the outskirts, where it would be easier to have a dog. I also heard that there is petsitters that can walk Your dog when you are at School. What qualifications do they have?

I also have a lot of stuff and Furniture. How much of this I will bring I don't know. But with a bit of luck the army will pay the moving costs. I would love to find come cool room mates that would have the same view as me on living. I love outdoors, and Im weighing Storage Space more that fancy Kitchen on newly renovated. For me I would appreciate cool creative People who Thinks a slackline indoors i superb for rainy days.

The most People I see on the students forum looks like they are more "serious" stutends and whant to settle into that style. I have traveld alot, and of course have some missions from the military, and on top of this gained some life wisedom, so I do not think I will be emerged in books from sunrise til sunset, and I learn the best together with other creative souls.

So this was a bit of a loose request but just want to get the ball running. Everything that makes me see some birghtness in the further is Nice ;)
21 Jun 2016 /  #9
Merged: Information about University of lodz

Anybody can give information about university of Lodz, I am going to there for study ,I am from India , and how to apply visa
29 Oct 2016 /  #10
my intended school come next year May 5th.
Before then Can anyone please give me a little briefing on the school and City pls?
28 Jun 2018 /  #11

University scholarship?

This year I am going to study in Poland, Lodz university. My GPA is 78 and IELTS band score iz 7.5. As you see these are pretty good results and I have chances to get scholarship in poland. Do you know some sites where I can apply for it? I heard there is one which gives you 350 euros per month. I would be very grateful if you give me link where I can apply there. Thank you.

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