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Purchase of Apartment (Krakow) by proxy from the USA.

malyniebieski 3 | 16
24 Apr 2012 #1
My wife and I are trying to buy an apartment in Krakow but we are unable to travel back from the US to make the purchase. So, I know that it has been done many times over but we do not know the details.So, does anyone on this PF page have any knowledge, advice or experience in this form of purchase?

We have our own agent and notary in Krakow if that this query out.
Looker - | 1,126
14 Nov 2014 #2
The proxy can not get the rights to any legal action, so be sure to determine the range of it. If the purpose of the authorization is to buy an apartment in Poland, you should properly reduce the duties of the authorized person (include the formalities associated with the transaction).

The notarial act should contain specific points of the transaction. You can authorize the proxy to contacts with a client, with offices and to sign the contract. Other important information to include is a maximum price at which the authorized person can buy an apartment.

After buying an apartment the proxy should return the notarial act excerpt - until he have it, he can use it.
pigsy 7 | 305
14 Nov 2014 #3
make sure you specify that the authorised person cannot sell or take loan on the property just purchase and rent or whatever he is allowed to.
polishmortgages 7 | 36
18 Nov 2014 #4
Hi Malyniebieski,

We helped our customers to buy property and we had some people from US. I can send you draft POA which help you in purchase and in management of the property. Just email me and I will send you draft. remember that it must have apostil stamp

kind regards

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