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Suggestions for companies in Warsaw which carry out interior apartment fittings?

24 Jan 2015 #1
Hello, guys

I am about to buy an apartment in Warsaw, However, now I am facing the biggest challenge, as I found out that I know nothing about interior fit-up.

After checking some "package price", I am now really lost.

Is there any suggestions regarding the company, the market and so on? I think I will probably go to a turn-key one.

Thank you
Looker - | 1,121
26 Jan 2015 #2
Hola Design in Warsaw should do everything you need. They design, make the project and offer possibility of cooperating with decent contractors, producers and distributors.
polishmortgages 7 | 36
31 Jan 2015 #3

Ask for the offer

They do fit-out for investors. good looking apartment will cost you around 900-1200 pln/m2 depends on your expectations
1 Feb 2015 #4
I'd recommend following the Polish lead here and getting a complete fit out and design package- turn-key package. I'd always try to follow the designer's advice. Some foreigners try to buy their own kitchens or materials but the Polish workmen will not be used to this . Except significant delays to the original finish date given even from good companies especially if it's a small job / apartment. Try to visit often and look like you know what you're talking about. Try to negotiate incentives for them to finish on time and penalties if they don't. Even in this case, except them to push the boundaries. If it's a 10% loss if they don't finish on time and they get a big job in then they may just take the hit and finish yours when they want to....
Marsy101 1 | 24
2 Feb 2015 #5
You should check on It's a predominantly US/UK site but there are a few contractors and designers now registered along with client reviews and photos of their work.

If anything, it's a great website for formulating your own design ideas.

If you need contact details to a very good team of builders who speak fluent English, PM me.

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