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Zakopane. Thinking of buying property, any tips or pitfalls ?

anthony50 1 | -
11 Mar 2013 #1
we are going to Zakopane, thinking of buying property, any tips or pitfalls. Anyone done similar recently. How easy is it ? Can you recommend a decent agent.
Looker - | 1,079
28 Jan 2015 #2
I assume you want to make money on the renting, and at the same time have a second home - for recreational or prestigious purposes?

In that case the location is very important. It is worth considering to buying a property in the area that provide tourists the access to attractions in both winter and summer period. Such attractions are the ski lifts and the proximity of sports and recreational infrastructure, such as SPA and wellness centers. Noteworthy is the purchase of an apartment in the area with the extensive conference facilities, which will encourage entrepreneurs and businessmen for conferences, training or corporate events.

A good solution would be also cooperation with an administering agency. Administrators offer so-called guaranteed rental service, under which they are obliged to get a tenant, and paid you a fixed amount of money every month, regardless of occupancy premises. In addition, the administrator deals with advertising and promotion, keeps the reservation system, deals with cleaning and do all necessary repairs. The guaranteed rental is advantageous because it provides a continuous supply of money from which you can, for example, pay off the loan. It is also convenient and saves time. You are not bothered with current affairs related to the monthly payments of utility bills.

The disadvantage of this solution are however some limitations to the disposal of the apartment - the date by which you will need the house should be determined in advance with the administrator.

While the good location of the property may increase the demand and income, no less important is the decor and furnishings. We can not solely follow our own preferences, since we should fit within universal tastes of the larger group of our potential recipients. You should also note that the apartment for rent should be properly equipped. The standard is of course not only tableware, crockery set, washing machine, but also dishwasher, small household appliances, Internet and satellite TV.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Jan 2015 #3
for recreational or prestigious purposes?

After almost two years, i would assume Anthony has given up waiting for the answers........

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