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Mother died in Poland, children are US citizens. Real Estate Inheritence in Poland?

29 Aug 2013 #1
I have a few questions if anyone knows the answers. My father passed away in Poland we the children are US citizens. Our lawyer has said he will file our will in court and will make a statement of conditional inheritance - on our behalf, before a notary. After that there will be another court hearing which only one of us has to attend. I am wondering if all of us should be at the hearing or is it okay if only one of us goes as the lawyer is saying? The lawyer also said if we sell my father's apartment before 5 years we will pay a 19 % personal tax . Is that true?
Mark corrigan
1 Jan 2014 #2
Depending where it is might be worth renting it out for 5 years then avoid the tax generally property is dirt cheap in poland i bought a flat here when i sold my 5 year old mercedes that bought an 86 square meter flat in a ****** small town 20km outside krakow if he was close to a big city then could be worth more
Szczerbaty 4 | 49
1 Jan 2014 #3
Isn't that tax penalty only on the difference between the current price and the original price?
16 Sep 2014 #4
Everybody has to follow the due process of law and there is no other option.
But consulting two or more lawyers in this regard will be beneficial to make you decide what to do.
I will recommend you to sell the property after verifying what is the market rate there, and purchase property near your home place, otherwise who would look after your property there. But consult more than three real estate agents for the actual price of your property there in order to avoid being fooled.
gjene 14 | 204
18 Dec 2014 #5

Another option to decide who will represent or if all go. The option is to find out if you can find out if you can use video links when court is in session. This way, if it is permitted, then all you have to do is decide who gets to go and the others can partly fund the cost of the trip. Then they can watch the court proceedings and ask/text messages if there is any questions about certain things. Worth asking.

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