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Lost keys for communal letterbox in Poland

tonybiker81 1 | 2
14 Oct 2014 #1
Hi all. My girlfriend lives in warsaw but is originally from słupsk . She has a place in słupsk but unfortunately her brother has lost her keys to get her mail. Is there someway of getting a replacement or does she have to drive to słupsk to organise a replacement ? Any help greatly appreciated
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
14 Oct 2014 #2
Can't her brother show ID to a neighbour and get the neighbour to open the box, and then maybe pay the neighbour to get a spare key cut?
OP tonybiker81 1 | 2
14 Oct 2014 #3
Thanks for the reply. I think there must be something that can be done and it's a great idea . But I think the different flats all have seperate keys for which flat they are in.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
14 Oct 2014 #4
Sorry, I thought you meant a communal or shared box.

In which case if it's an individual box's lock, occasionally there's a number on the lock or original key. That number corresponds to a pattern which the manufacturer or some key cutter or locksmith outlets can use to make a duplicate key. Alternatively, a locksmith (and some key cutting shops if they have locksmith experience) should be able to open the lock in about 5 seconds but can also make a key if you show ID. In all cases, ID may be asked for, for obvious reasons! (There's also a chance the building admin or managers have a spare - so ask them first before going down the locksmith route.)
OP tonybiker81 1 | 2
14 Oct 2014 #5
Thanks again for your input . You have been most helpful. I did say communal box but it has individual segments. Sorry for the confusion. I will pass this info into my girlfriend and hopefully we can resolve this . Thanks Tony

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