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Rental Income in Poland - how is it taxed ?

db1874 7 | 227
21 Apr 2011 #1
Anyone out there who can answer this accurately - how is rental income in Poland taxed ? Is it taxed at a flat rate regardless of other income or is just regarded as additional income and taxed at either 18% or 32% ?

I think I found the answer here, excellent English language blog on Polish legal matters incidentally.
randall - | 5
26 Sep 2014 #2
Merged: Tax code for property rental income in Poland

I'm making a payment to the tax office for the first time. It's for income on residential property rental.

I've got all the info I need, except I'm not sure about one field that I need to enter on my bank's website. It's "Form / payment symbol:" ("Symbol formularza / płatności:" on the Polish site).

I did a search and there is a list of these codes here:

Transfer to the IRS - symbols of the form / payment title
It is not enough for taxpayer to put on the money transfer to the IRS (or proof of payment) only the appropriate bank account number of the tax authority and the amount owed ​​tribute. It must also quite pinpoint exactly what the title of this tax is paid.

Title this generally means the form of the symbol and the period to which it relates.

I think the appropriate code is PPE *) "zryczałtowany podatek dochodowy od przychodów ewidencjonowanych" (flat-rate income tax on registered income).

Can anyone advise?
2 Oct 2014 #3
I'm not exactly sure what 'ewidencjonalnych' means (it literary means registered, but could have some double meaning in Poland's tax code ;). I checked the link, though, and it (PPE) appears to be the right choice.

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