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Annual wspolnota (owners committee) meeting-prejudicial treatment of foreigners in Poland?

Snowmuncher 3 | 24
15 Feb 2013 #1
Does anyone own a flat / apartment in Poland, especially if you don't live there, and when it comes to the annual meeting you don't get the notification letter, or it arrives one day before or on the day of the meeting?

I ask the question because I am managing on behalf of friends 2 flats in Poland. One in Lodz and in in Krakow.

The building administrator in Krakow for a few years sent the notification letter to me so that it arrived one day before the meeting. When I spoke to my lawyer about this it seems they are required by law to give 14 days notice. Something similar happened in Lodz for a couple of years and then this year, instead of sending me a registered letter (which had previously arrived after the date of the owners' meeting) the administrator decided to leave it with my neighbour today, and the meeting is in 4 days time in Lodz on Tuesday, which for most people would be difficult to arrange. I only know this because a friend of mine happened to go to the apartment today and talked to the neighbour.

In the case of Krakow when I took some legal action to remedy the less than 14 days notice, I was labeled a nasty foreign trouble maker by the other members of the wspolnota, and I later found out that some completely false and unpleasant rumours were circulating about me.

My suspicion is that such tactics are deliberate in order to prejudice owners who are foreigners and / or live in another city or another country, and deprive them of their say in how the building is run.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Looker - | 1,134
25 Oct 2014 #2
I think it's pretty common in Polish reality. I also received those letters just before the meeting. If I'm not mistaken it even happened that I received the results of Wspolnota deliberations without any further notice about gathering. It depends on housing cooperative - but they all are unfavourable for most residents. Numerous complaints and lawsuits are proof of this.

You may even demand in the court the annulment or cancellation of a resolution of the Wspolnota, if you were not able to arrive and properly prepare for the Meeting, and the resolutions violated your benefits.
OP Snowmuncher 3 | 24
25 Oct 2014 #3
Wow, it took 20 months but someone finally replied, confirming what I thought. Thanks Looker.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,910
25 Oct 2014 #4
Wow, it took 20 months

Yes, pretty quick!

I can confirm that what Looker says is correct and many administrations and similar treat residents' complaints with little or no interest, excuses, no response at all, etc. Whether that's about noise, crumbling buildings, or anything else - they don't give a monkey's.

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