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Question - Rent websites (Specifically in Katowice)

lealnato 2 | 4
26 Mar 2014 #1
Hi there, would like to know website that offer flat/apartment to rent . Specifically in Katowice. And the second question, if anyone know, what would be a good region to live? close to city center with loads of stuff around ( restaurants,pubs etc).

Thanks in advance.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
26 Mar 2014 #2
Katowice Tysiaclecia. Get smashed in the pubs in what used to be Europe's biggest inner city park :)

Smurf will put you right though.
smurf 39 | 1,981
27 Mar 2014 #3 and then the Katowice subsection:
Use google chrome, it'll auto-translate the pages.
Or just google 'mieszkanie katowice' and look under 'wynajecia'

HEre's another site:

Doug is right on the money.
Tysiaclecia or 1000-lecia as some insist on writing it is less than 10mins away on a tram and has loads of trams servicing it, or get yourself a bicycle....good few buses as well. Massive park right opposite you, full of pubs, restaurants, there's even a zoo.

Avoid Załęże, Chorzow, Myslowice, Ruda Slask, Zabrze, all boring kips. Chorzow and Zabrze are full of football hooligans, Ruda's just boring, as is Myslowice.

Locals say it's best to live on the south side of Katowice.

Ligota, Brynow and Piotrowice are all nice areas that aren't too far out, all on south side, but Tysiaclecia would be handier for getting in and out of the city centre quicker. Plenty of supermarkets around there too and a proper shopping mall just a few mins walk away.

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