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Tips on finding an Apartment in Lublin in Spring

HolaYola 3 | 13
23 Oct 2012 #1
Hi all!
I've been reading the forums in preparation for a move to Lublin in the spring. Hope to rent a small (studio or 1 bedroom apt) that will also allow a small dog. I've checked out a few real estate sites such as Metrohouse (, Leach & Lang ( which doesn't cover Lubelskie region), and Regiodom ( Luckily I know enough Polish to read what is on offer but was wondering if anyone had any other sites they would recommend. I'm Canadian but family all came from nearby villages of Rak√≥wka and £ukowa so grew up with Polish at home when I was younger, but am a bit rusty as I haven't spoken it in years. Any help appreciated :)
phtoa 9 | 236
24 Oct 2012 #2

Go to and seach there.
KateSnow 2 | 4
16 Nov 2012 #3

I had to use an agent due to time constraints, and the price difference was significant. That being said, the agent I used was very good; went above and beyond to help get me settled. If you prefer the extra assistance and don't mind paying commission, I can send you his contact information.

Good luck!
OP HolaYola 3 | 13
26 Jun 2013 #4
Hi, Sorry for the late reply but yes, if you by chance read this I would appreciate his information. I was in Poland in March 2013 to check it out and I still plan to move but will probably be more like March 2014.


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