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Mokotów (Warsaw) or other areas with kids?

VEIK 2 | -
18 Aug 2011 #1
If one was to work at Rondo ONZ 1, in Warsaw, what would be the best place to live and commute,

And we have a toddler, so parks or playgrounds nearby would be ideal.

is Mokotow a good starting point?

BRS 2 | 48
18 Aug 2011 #2
Will you drive to work? if not, a place in mokotow near the metro may be good (espescially in about 3 years when the Rondo Onz metro stop opens).

A friend of mine lives in żoliborz on gwiaździsta - there is a huge amazing park across the street (including a 5 km path around the park). If you drive to work it may be a good place - if you drive down the street you can't miss it on the right, I think you would be about 6 km from the center.

personally I would live in the center, there are some parks behind Grzybowska, but they don't compare to the park on gwiaździsta.
18 Aug 2011 #3
There are no parks next to Grzybowska, some small green areas but that's it. Unless you mean Saski Park which is off of Królewska, and that's a nice one. When it comes to Mokotów, then it's a fine area, especially if you live close to Pola Mokotowskie, which indeed is a huge park!!! Rondo ONZ is really not that far away from there at all.z
avani 1 | 3
26 Aug 2013 #4
Merged: Good Area to Live near Poleczki, Warsaw

Can you please suggest me good area to Live near Poleczki, Warsaw.
Main concern is it should be in circle of 7-8KM with good access of public transport.

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