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Non Pole Applying for Mortgage in Poland

Griff7 2 | 3
12 Jan 2013 #1
Hi All,

Anyone have experience in applying for a Mortgage as a non pole. I am applying with my Girlfriend
but I had a poor rating back in the UK and i'm concerned it will follow me here. I have lived in Poland
for 5 years now. My girlfriend is polish and on paper we are easy to lend too but we are concerned our
broker is just not experienced enough in this.

Anyone have any experience or can recommend a broker specialising in this type of mortgage base in
Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot area.

Thanks in advanced.
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jan 2013 #2
broker is just not experienced enough in this.

If you think that get somebody else, i made that mistake in 2006 - with a broker that didnt have a friggen clue - he talked a good story but didnt have a clue, went back a few months later to the same office but spoke to another guy and it couldnt have been more different, we stayed with this guy for the future and also put a few other mortgages through him, this was all during boom times though bare in mind. You need somebody thats commission hungry and can give you the right advice.

With regard to the poor UK credit rating, i think some companies ask for Experian UK credit reports etc.. but not all, unless you provide this i dont see how it can follow you in Poland.

My advice is dont give up easily and speak to a few banks/brokers. and be ready to hand over mountains of paper work.

Ive known of people having good feedback from various institutions throughout the process only to be denied at the last minute, which as you can imagine is friggen infuriating.

100% mortagage pre-approval is something Poland really needs, this whole find a house make an offer and then apply for a mortgage is really annoying.
OP Griff7 2 | 3
12 Jan 2013 #3

We just today found the perfect house. So now the trawl of paperwork begins and i'm sure that by the time we have
it done, this property will have passed.

Are you aware if status within Poland is a key factor? I am thinking if to ask a friend to register me as a perm resident

if it helps the situation. I had permanent residence 2 years ago with my previous partner but they renounced it when
we broke up. So now I guess I have temporary residence.

I have Pesel, 4 years earning history etc in polish firm.
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jan 2013 #4
this property will have passed.

Dont worry about that, times are tight and nothing is selling, take your time, make the right decisoins - what will be will be. If youre that worried organise a sit down with the seller, and explain the situation. Not many cash buyers around so others will go through the same process. get the seller on your side, get him/her to trust you. maybe a preliminary contract even.

Are you aware if status within Poland is a key factor?

Im not sure how much of a factor it maybe, certainly not a deal braker. I didnt have it for mine, but again that was during boom times.
DagmaraK - | 3
18 Jan 2013 #5
I am a property rental agent working in Tri City Area. If you are still interested we cooperate with a really good broker, contact me by e-mail: dagmara.k(at), mobile +48 530-326-466 I'll give you her number. She has offers of all banks, going in person to each of them will be waste of time. And you do not pay any extra charges, she is rewarded by a bank.

I would not advise to sign any preliminary contract before you receive a positive credit recommendation, you may lose a downpayment.
As far as market goes, there is multitude of properties to be sold, even if the chosen one is sold you will certainly find the house of your dreams.
MIPK - | 69
18 Jan 2013 #6
I went to PKO, they weren't interested in the slightest in my foreign accounts, income or history. They were just interested in what I'd earned and for how long I had been working in Poland, together with my partners income and how long she'd been working. Was all super straight forward, there was a bit of paperwork but not a huge amount. I have temporary residence here as an EU citizen, though they did want to see copies of my zameldowanie and my authority to stay in Poland as an EU citizen. With regards to mortgage approval we did what they call a 'simulation' based on our income etc and with that information, ie. that they didn't see any problem with us getting credit we made an offer, but remember the simulation is not 100% mortgage approval. A good size deposit always helps with approval too :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
18 Jan 2013 #7
I had a poor rating back in the UK and i'm concerned it will follow me here. I have lived in Poland
for 5 years now.

I doubt it, they most probably won't check it, besides in Poland even BIK (a company which run a data base with creditors' history and share it with banks) keep the records up to 5 years and delete them after that.

BTW be careful with brokers, they get paid by the banks but what many people do not know is that for the same credit bank x pays them y PLN and another one might pay twice as much... I'm not saying all are dishonest but it's better to double check on your own.
OP Griff7 2 | 3
29 Jan 2013 #8
Thanks All,

We found a place, agreed a price, and now we will apply for the mortgage and see
just which banks will be diligent enough within their processes.

Fingers crossed :)

I will surely post afterwards regarding the outcome.
polishmortgages 7 | 36
22 Feb 2013 #9

we specialize in mortgages for non-residential customers, this is not a good time for applying as most of the banks changed their policy... but each case is different. please describe me your situation and I will try to advise
26 Oct 2013 #10
Hi I am a non Pole with a long term, not marri,ed Polish girlfriend. We both work in England but would like to invest in a little apartment in Krakow roberto7824(at)yahoo(dot)com
23 Feb 2014 #11
hi, could you help us,girlfriend is polish,i`m not, we both work in uk,but would like to buy a house in Poland,can we apply for a mortgage in Poland while still living in uk,,,,cheers mark

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