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Investing in land in Poland?

land baron 1 | 2
11 Apr 2012 #1
HI new member

Is there anybody interested in investing in land in Poland ?
BRS 2 | 48
11 Apr 2012 #2
A lot of people are interested if the price and location are right.

Can you try to be a little more specific, location, type of land, size of the land, zoning of the land.

If the price/location are bad, then you can probably answer the question yourself.
OP land baron 1 | 2
11 Apr 2012 #3
Thank you for your reply, I'll give you a little background.

My Polish friend and myself set up a company to sell land in Poland, Its a new company which deals in Land in the area of waria masuria , the lake district, we can sell small plots with planning permission which people outside poland can purchase, or we can sell larger plots which are agricultural. Any furthe information if required will be provided.

Many thanks
11 Apr 2012 #4
Hi you can send me some information.
OP land baron 1 | 2
11 Apr 2012 #5
yes we can send information on many different types of plots all around the Waria Masuria area, we would need to know what type of plot ie neer a lake with building permission or what area. we have partners in poland who deal with all the legalities

I also have a friend in the company who it a native pol, if you prefer to converse in Polish
11 Apr 2012 #6
neer a lake

Ok so give me some prices for a plot of 6-8,000 M2 with a full view of a lake no more than 50 Klm from Szczytno. The land can be with building permission or not.
lauritsen - | 1
22 Nov 2013 #7
land baron

We are interested in buying agricultural land in Poland.

Regions of interest:


(reply to THIS post, not my other)


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