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Is there a property tax in Poland?

xero007 1 | -
8 Jan 2011 #1
Hi all, my father passed away and I inherited some farm land in Poland. We haven't been there in 20 years but my uncle has been maintaining the property, buildings and machinery. Are there any costs associated with keeping it, like a property tax? What do I need to do to make sure they government does not consider it abandoned? Can I rent it so it generates some sort of income? I'm not really sure where to start so any info would be greatly appreciated.
terri 1 | 1,663
9 Jan 2011 #2
First thing - have you got your inheritance registered - as there might be some tax to pay and the property may not formally be yours.

Secondly, no one is interested whether you live in the property/farm or not. You have to pay land tax but once all the bills come to you and you pay then no one is really interested in anything else.
Lukasz K - | 103
9 Jan 2011 #3
The situation may be more complicated.

If hour father passed away prior to 2006 (or 2005 I don't remember exactly) to legally own a property you have to pay special tax (sth. about 3% of property value) to own it.

Later they changed this stupid law and now the members of the closest family do not pay this tax but the law does not work backwards so an important information is the date of death.

If there was no last will in local court you have to make "sprawa spadkowa" which would be announced (in case any other successors appeared) and then you would get a sentence that you inherited goods and properties.

The next step is tax office. Still you have to declare in the tax office that you inherited a property (show then the sentence and they will say if you have to pay sth. or not) and they would give you paper which would allow you to make changes in register (in another court) and officially own a property.

Then you will receive a letter from local authorities with calculated amount of land tax (for farmland it is very low - a few grosze per square meter per year).



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