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Wroclaw Housing - an apartment in Lubuska street. Feedback Requested.

Joseph Tan
16 Apr 2011 #1
I am from Singapore and would be living in Wroclaw for 3 the next years with family. Its quite important for me to live close to the city center, but prefer to buy a modest place instead of renting.

Have been in town for about three months now, and am close to buying an apartment in Lubuska street in Wroclaw before my family moves in June. Well recommended by the real estate agent, however would like to hear from some of forum members who are living in Wroclaw if this is a safe neighborhood, especially for a non polish family.
Wroclaw Boy
16 Apr 2011 #2
My advice would be to go hang around UL. Lubuska at random times and intervals and decide for yourself. Its a nice area in my opinion, one of the better ones but no matter where you live in Poland usually theres a block of shabby looking communist flats nearby, however that doesn't necessarily translate into scumbag occupants as it would in the UK for example.

is it a gated community? does it have 24h security? surveillance cameras?
jwojcie 2 | 762
17 Apr 2011 #3
Actually I would say old tenement houses areas tends to be often inhabited by some shady fellows than commieblocks, because most of city owned social flats are in old tenement houses. Anyway I'm not familiar with Lubuska area (other than passing by it sometimes...) but maybe this will help you. It is a map of price per a metre of a flat in Wroclaw. It is not entirely reliable, because it is made by some realtor, anyway shows more or less acurate how people votes with their money (red expensive, white cheap, grey no data):

OP Joseph Tan
18 Apr 2011 #4
Thank you Wroclaw Boy and Jwojcie.

The building I am considering is a block flat as common in Poland, built in 1997. Is not a gated community with active surveillance, but more of a common buildings as seen across Poland. The prices index certainly helped, I am comfortable with the price offered for the quality of the apartment. Just wanted to feel reasonably comfortable living in a new neighbourhood as a foreign family.

Any tips on fitting into the community, is there a house warming party concept in Poland where I can invite neighbours for quick hello? over some coffee and cakes on an afternoon?
jwojcie 2 | 762
18 Apr 2011 #5
In general, there are no house warming parties, often people even don't greet each other when passing by...
So without general rule, you are on your own ;) Certainly it would be proper to become acquainted with the neighbours at least from your floor.

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