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Poland Court confirmation of acquisition of inheritance

turon 1 | 3
4 Feb 2018 #1
i'm a dp living in canada and no longer speak polish..asking for some info..if i may please
couple of days ago received a couple of letter by registered mail from poland..surprised..apparently an inheritance from my grandfather who was arrested by russia and finished off ww2 in the polish free army and then to the dp camps in poland

using googel translate
i was able to determine that there is a list of beneficiaries at the Polish Court confirmation of acquisition of inheritance
there was a ruling that my uncle and aunts photo copied marriage certificate was not accepted by the court

i have no idea what this inheritance is
this whole procedure was started by my aunt

grandfather was married,my grandmother is dead

they had 3 children
2 children have died

there is one surviving child

my aunt gets a percentage? the children of each deceased children get a share

my question..since my aunt receives a fixed share..would my deceased uncles children receive his percentage divided amongst themselves

and the other child, my mothers share would be split between my sister and myself
5 Feb 2018 #2
Do you have Polish citizenship?
terri 1 | 1,664
6 Feb 2018 #3
In Poland, if the person died the inheritance is divided according to Polish law. You must make yourself familiar with it. The children of a deceased person are entitled to that share. Say it is 20% then all the children receive a proportion of that share..
O WELL 1 | 158
6 Feb 2018 #4
Unless the person has a notarised will then the case of property division is different.
OP turon 1 | 3
6 Feb 2018 #5
i've done a lot of reading
somewhat familiar working within a legal system

since 2 children predeceased the opening of inheritance..then their equal share is divided by their children

i have no idea what is in the inheritance as my aunt initiated the request for acquisition of inheritance..without telling me
my aunt is a smart and shrewd woman..polite way of saying she's not very nice

so, one day, i'll get a notice from the court with the aquisition and if my aunt tried to trick the family i understand i can file an appeal

she doesn't know that i'm looking for answers from my polish friends

i can get a little help here in canada and have someone write the appeal

but i wondered if there is a standard form for this..the fee and where to file
9 Jun 2018 #6
my grandfather was a polish war settler and awarded land, which was the reclaimed land in poland believe belarus
he was arrested and deported to siberia with his family and then relocated to a dp camp in the uk after ww2,dies 1957.3 of his children and wife where still alive

his wife has died as have 3 of his 4 children
his surviving daughter found the land deed and applied with the aid of a lawyer for the acquisition of inheritance, i presume she made a claim prior

court ruled there was a deficiency with the proper documentation of her brother.
received a letter from poland court, as a beneficiary january 16 2018 of this announcement that the court would not provide the acquisition certificate because of the deficiency.

the other beneficiaries received the same letter
i asked her in english as my polish is broken if she would as a petitioner, please inform the other beneficiaries of what is transpiring

she responded, saying you have the court info, you ask them
i responded that that was not polite as the court would only respond to her or her lawyer and she as the petitioner has an obligation to inform the other beneficiaries

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