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Can a Non-European buy house in Poland?

Arshad 2 | 13
24 Sep 2011 #1
Hello Everyone.

One of my friend who works with me is selling his house in Lódz. I have been to Poland thrice and visited his place too. He is selling it for the same price he bought as he is moving to different city. I was wondering can I buy a house in poland?

Note : I have no intention to become European citizen, so take it easy with that. I just love Krakow, zako-pane and I would like to visit more places.

Thanks for your comments :) Have a nice weekend.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
25 Sep 2011 #2
yes of course you can buy your friend's house in Lodz( Agricultural land and historic buildings are protected but individual flats or houses are for sale for anyone who wants to buy them!) but Lodz is not Krakow or Zakopane. Do you want a holiday house or a permanent house?
terri 1 | 1,665
25 Sep 2011 #3
Before you buy anything, make sure that he actually owns the place and that there are no liens (debts) against it.
Let him show you Act Notarialny (proof of ownership) and make sure you check it in the Town Hall Courts.
Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #4
Merged: House prices in Warsaw centrum? As a non EU citizen, am I allowed to buy here?

Hello, I'm wondering the house prices around warsaw centrum, would be 2 people living together so doesnt need to be a huge flat, a living room and an extra 1 room plus toilet and kitchen would do. Any estimation on how much something like this would cost

Oh also, as an outside EU person, can I buy a house? Or are there stuff I need to complete beforehand.

terri 1 | 1,665
9 Oct 2014 #5
I am 100% sure, that if you pay in CASH, no one will be bothered who they sell to.
Prices of apartments (and everything is measured in square metres) can be found on many real-estate websites.
Seigard 1 | 9
9 Oct 2014 #6
I mean legally can someone outside EU studying in poland with a d-type visa or living permit in future buy real estate?
8 Aug 2015 #7
Merged: To buy a flat as non-EU citizen and rent it.


As a non-EU citizen, not living in Poland, can I buy a flat in Poland and then rent it afterwards?
terri 1 | 1,665
8 Aug 2015 #8
You can.
8 Aug 2015 #9
so, I can legally rent a flat without living in Poland?

I was checking recently in another EU country, I can buy a flat there but I am not allowed to rent it. So, I would rather take my investment somewhere else.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
9 Aug 2015 #10
@Flat: please do realize that renting to tenants is very risky in Poland. If tenants don't pay rent, it'll be close to impossible to kick them out (even through court which most often sides with tenants).

(I live in Poland and I had tenants for a few years)
9 Aug 2015 #11

Thank you for the info. I was already aware of that. I would have to be very careful in choosing to whom I would rent the flat.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
9 Aug 2015 #12
@Flat: be aware that in Poland you may not ask potential tenants about their incomes and therefore landlords don't even know whether tenant shall be able (not to say willing) to pay.
23 Jan 2018 #13

Can Non-EU Citizens buy flat/house in Poland?

Can Non-EU citizens own a property in Poland? or Co-own the property with a partner who is EU Citizen?
tomhardy001 - | 1
14 May 2018 #14

Indian citizen to buy a flat in Wroclaw

- I am a working professional with temporary residence permit and need opinion if buying a flat in Wroclaw is safe enough.
- Looking for flat, for my own use (till the time allow) and like an investment for long term.
- It would be great to talk to any non-EU foreigners who have already bought/invested in a property in Poland.

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