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How to find a flat in Warsaw

Mo_Dub 1 | 1
3 Jul 2011 #1
Longtime lurker, first time poster, and I need some PolishForum help: What's the best approach to finding a flat in Warsaw?

I just spent the weekend in Warsaw trying to find a flat and it was a nightmare -- I looked at eight pretty impressive shitholes, so I think I need to reorganize my approach. Should I be using an agency? Am I not using the right websites (I used and when searching on my own? What has worked for people on here? Any advice you can offer would be huge!
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
3 Jul 2011 #2
Try Gumtree Warszawa - that's usually the best source. Avoid small ads in the newspaper, they're often put in by agents pretending to be the flat's owner.
soalex 1 | 1
2 Sep 2011 #3
My boyfriend and I are trying to use Gumtree to find housing for October. We contacted several apts through the site with English and a Polish translation. We haven't heard from a single one. I am using Google Translate on the page and suspect this may be causing a problem. Has anyone used it in the translated form? Is it best to just try and call the apartment owners directly?
samchris - | 9
9 Sep 2011 #4
Searching for a place to rent in gumtree is very hard for the foreigners, usually the have only phone numbers and if you have someone who speaks polish then you can ask him/her to call the person!Otherwise you will need a miracle to get an answer via mail either english or polish.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
9 Sep 2011 #5
Searching for a place to rent in gumtree is very hard for the foreigners,

No it is not.Just post an ad on Gumtree Warsaw in English (using google translate ) with your specifications, location , rent period and budget + your email and for sure if someone has anything you will be contacted .

A lot of people speak fluent English in Warszawa, no problem.
bharat_460 1 | 2
21 Mar 2015 #6

I am looking for 2 room apartment for a couple near International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in the area Ochota or trojdena street 4/5. The rent should be around 1700 pln. Please let me know if anybody can help in finding the house as I am new to this place.


Sorry, we don't accept ads.
Enkeli - | 1
27 Mar 2016 #7
Merged: I need a flat near Warsaw

I am moving to Warsaw in mid September with my 11 yr old daughter and we need a decent apartment off the city centre.
sijazme 2 | 1
1 Mar 2018 #8

How to find a room in warsaw?

I only speak English and would like a room in a share apartment with one more person. Where should I being my search?
O WELL 1 | 158
1 Mar 2018 #9
If you have money use agents.If you dont use couch surfing and ask your hosts to help you.I am sure there are other ways also but thats what I would do If I was in any of those situations.

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