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BEST Poland's city to Invest in?? Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk or...?

12 Oct 2017 #31
II 20178

How Do I read this?

III 20067,1797,1145,261
IV 20068,7517,3835,857
I 20079,3168,3696,74

Number of rooms, YYYYMM, city ??
12 Oct 2017 #32
III 2006 7,179 7,114 5,261

3rd quarter of 2006 zl/m2 in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw
12 Oct 2017 #33
Warsaw is warsaw as its the capital but Wroclaw is where the momentum and dynamic growth is. Its positioned close to the German border making it an almost western city and its the IT centre of Poland. Yields are getting compressed given the inflows but we still are a way from the frothy 2007/2008 peaks in a lot of areas, but office and shopping centres are getting there if not there already. There are small pockets of lunacy elsewhere, but very few. You have to remember that Poland and the zloty have been unloved for a long time now and its real domestic demand that has driven growth, certainly in the fragmented commercial area. People are still worried about the PIS-EU fallout that is playing out and this keeps a lot of money away from Poland. However, there has been an increased inflow of foreign funds over the last couple of years. City centre commercial yields are about 5-6% for prime, with yields moving out for smaller secondaries in the krzyki region but still yielding 7-8%. Retail flats will yield no more than 4-5% on average and thats in a perfect scenario. Really there is no reason for any serious investor to look at flats, retail is for retail as they say. Commercial yields are higher and contracts longer. Retail BTL should be seen as just a stepping stone to commercial. If you must, then avoid overpriced offerings such as skytower and stick to affordables in upcoming locations such partynice and oltaszyn in krzyki.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,973
12 Oct 2017 #34

Ah you know Wroclaw well. I was born in Zlotniki. If you can buy a kamienica in the rynek with a commercial space like a restaurant below that's a dream but that costs big money now. Rents go for even 30k zloty plus

Skytower is overpriced for condos but I really like that building. That's where I always stay at if I don't feel like driving back to Oborniki or if I just want to relax downtown for a few days.

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