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Renting out my appartment in Poland - how to do it properly

Alexbrz 3 | 78
6 Mar 2018 #1
Hi all,

not long ago i bought an appartment in Poland, Tricity area.

As faith would have it, shortly after my employer gave me a possibility on a job change i couldnt resist, which includes leaving Poland.

Now im planning to rent out my appartment, but how to do it so its all legal/arranged properly?

I already have a renter for it, so that part is covered. Im still in good contact with the landlady from my previous rental appartment and she has provided me with a great "default" rental contract (the same i had with her).

But should i "register" somewhere that i will rent it out? Is there anything else i am overlooking?
Richthecat 8 | 69
6 Mar 2018 #2
If you have a contract you are half way there. The only thing you will have todo is let your local tax office know you are doing so and then pay the tax it is about 8% of the rental income that you will recieve also you need to arrange for the podatek grunt (land tax to be paid we had nightmare as we forgot this and ended up inserious trouble talk to your gimna about whether they can send it to you abroad. Also check as you may already pay it as part of your service charge if so its easier you will just have to continue paying this. thats about it I think any more questions let me know
O WELL 1 | 156
6 Mar 2018 #3
I also wonder if 777 umowa works for residential properties as it is easier to kick out the tenant in 2 weeks or so,if they dont pay or whatever(which has to be notarised and paid for by the tenant).Never also get them meldunek,as they can take the umowa and get temporary meldunek themselves,also write in umowa that its there responsibility to cancel meldunek once they are out as its a 2/3 months process to get the tenants meldunek cancelled.And the Tax is 8.5% flat till 300K pln income,over that is 12.5% from this year.
OP Alexbrz 3 | 78
7 Mar 2018 #4
Thanks, useful stuff guys! Checked the land tax thing with the building owner/company we also pay the Czynsz to, and its already included so that should be fine.

So i'll take care of the meldunek in the contract and pay my taxes and i should be good. The "not paying" option i am not worried about with this specific renter but i will definitely keep it in mind for when he will ever move out and i'll have to get a renter i dont personally know.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
7 Mar 2018 #5
and its already included

It is typically included.

then pay the tax it is about 8% of the rental income

This is the ryczałt, but in order to benfit from this convenient form of taxation one has to notify the Urząd Skarbowy about it not later than the 20th of January, I think.
O WELL 1 | 156
7 Mar 2018 #6
The "not paying" option i am not worried

This is your main worry in this line of work.I have been doing this for the last 20 years in US and 18 yrs in Poland.I only have one residential in Poland that after 3 years of struggling with around 4 tenants I finally rented it to an American friend who is my best payer in Poland for the last 8 years now and also I jack up 100Pln in rent every year.

Also another tip: I only specify one person to be staying in the property.In case another one(like spouse/friend) moves in (without my written consent) is an violation of the lease,and can be used against the renter,if any conflict starts.

Also in reachout Tax no deductions are allowed of any kind.
Some people also dont let the tenant change electric on there name and bill the tenant seperately so incase of conflict they can shut of electric,but that was an old time practice in Poland when umowa was not properly signed.
OP Alexbrz 3 | 78
7 Mar 2018 #7
My renter is a fellow Dutchman who i've known for years, and works in the same company as me. As far as payment goes, im really not concerned.

With future renters this might ofcourse change so your advice is definitely not blown in the wind.

He will move in with his wife, but including in the rental agreement that no subletting or something like that is allowed is a very good point. Taken and will be used!

In this case the electricity bill will indeed stay on my name, had never considered that sort of "intervention" but it makes sense.
Lyzko 45 | 9,514
7 Mar 2018 #8
Tell me, do either of you two speak or at least understand some Polish for everyday purposes? Unlike in your country, not every second person off the streets of a major city will understand mostly fluent English.
OP Alexbrz 3 | 78
7 Mar 2018 #9
@Lyzko any other completely unrelated questions you want answered?

If you enjoy being a pain so much may i recommend you go talk to all Polish people living abroad speaking nothing but Polish.

(And yes. We both do. Been living here for years. International companies coming to your country are great for your economy and employment rates so i'd tone it down a bit. But if you're that pro-Polish please recommend me a Polish IT professional capable of speaking English, Dutch and German fluently and i'll gladly recommend him)

Przepraszam, i hadnt seen your PM before. I mightve read your reply a lot more hostile than you meant it.

My apologies
Lyzko 45 | 9,514
7 Mar 2018 #10
No apologies needed, Alexbrz. I too have lived in Holland, as I mentioned, and the number of near fistacuffs I can recall involved similar direct, "hostile", point-blank directness.

Lucky for me, being of German background, I've always had the requisite thick skin!
Lyzko 45 | 9,514
8 Mar 2018 #11
Maybe a Finnish-Polish exchange might be in the offing?

Anyhow, I reiterate my best wishes to you for the very best of luck!
Stay in touch,
20 Apr 2018 #12
Does anyone know how much Krakow apartments get for rent. Looking to rent a 33m - 2 room apartment which is about 15 minute walk from the Main Square in Krakow.

Also, anyone can recommend companies/indivduals that do remodeling at a fair price - bathroom, floors?

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