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Renting flat in Wroclaw, Poland for family with 2 small children

IvanPlyusnin 1 | -
23 Sep 2017 #1
Hello. My name is Ivan. I am from Moscow. I am software developer, I will work in Wroclaw from the october. I am going to find a flat for my family. We are me, my wife and 2 children (3 years old and 0.5 years old)

I want to add more details about flat that i want to find:
1. I have 2 children, so it is better to live nearby kinder gardens, parks and play grounds
2. I know that some areas of wroclaw have poluted air. Please suggest me an area with minimum level of smog. :)
3. I want to have a bath in bathroom.
4. Flat and escpecially kitchen should be well equipped with furniture.
5. Somewhere near the flat should be available parking place.
6. It is better to rent 3 room or 2 room flat.
7. Flat should be on the 1st floor or should be in the building with a lift.

I want to rent the flat starting from 4-5 of october or a bit earlier.

I am open to any rent suggestions and offers.

Thanks in advance!
gumishu 14 | 6,288
23 Sep 2017 #2

smog is seldom a problem in Wrocław and mostly in areas where there are plenty of small houses that still use coal for heating during the winter (i lived in Wrocław for several years in various parts)

the most important thing is how much you can spend on rent (or how much are you willing to spend on it)

the easiest way for you to find a place that fulfills your conditions is to look for someone/ a real estate agency that would check the things for you - this of course requires spending some money

I could do it for you but not for free, as it requires quite a deal of research and a lot of phone calls - my price is say 400 PLN and 50 PLN in advance for phone calls

if you are not interested in my offer I can try to direct you to real estate agencies (but I think their services will cost you at least double that than mine) - real estate agency is agencja nieruchości in Polish - you can try using this term for searching them on your own (just search for "agencja nieruchomości, Wrocław") - in most agencies there will be people able to communicate in English
PatsonAgency - | 3
23 Sep 2017 #3
I am also working in Web & Graphics designing field please do let me know if you have a job or any project related to this. I am already working with some EU companies & living in Wroclaw too.
gumishu 14 | 6,288
24 Sep 2017 #4
agencja nieruchości in Polish

oops typing and not checking - should be agencja nieruchomości -

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