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Polish property at public auction and best exposure

ScottE 2 | 8
4 Oct 2016 #1
Hi ,

i wonder if you could help. im looking to sell land i have in Poland through an auction due to speed, could anyone recommend a company to get the best exposure

Many thanks
gumishu 15 | 6,186
4 Oct 2016 #2
i wonder if you could help. im looking to sell land

what kind of land is this - if it's agricultural land then your options of selling it might be quite limited because of the new law on agricultural land
terri 1 | 1,663
5 Oct 2016 #3
If you own the land, seek advice as to who can purchase it and make sure you sell it to a person who is entitled to buy it.
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #4

I setup a company to purchased through , it has planning consent for a Hotel complex to include wooden cabins, Restaurant, Tennis count etc formerly, or you can split into individual house plots, the size is just over 12,000 Sqm and it's near ilawa, Warmian-Masurian

terri 1 | 1,663
5 Oct 2016 #5
Why did you not tell us that at the beginning? If you have planning permission, then you are selling Land with planning permission which is totally different to selling land without planning permission.

Go to any estate agent and ask if they could advise you. There are auctions of this type, but you MUST have VALID planning permission.
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #6
Hi Terri,

Having valid planning permission won't be an issue, it's elapse but i cant see an concerns to reinstate. but my prefer preference is auction due to timing.
5 Oct 2016 #7
What is the status of the land building or recreation? Which area of Mazury is the land in? does the land already have electric and drainage?
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #8
There's 3 derelict building, once hunting lodges, its history goes back to Napoleonic times.
The plot is located in the pristine landscaped park on the river Liwa.
Had electric but I disconnected, but easy to restore and a water borehole, not sure about drainage, purchased some year back.
5 Oct 2016 #9
Was the idea to restore the buildings and are they protected by the Konservator ?
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #10
I had no intentions to restore, it was purchased as an investment some years ago. i don't believe the buildings are protected as the local council stated previously that the site could be slit into separate / individual plots. Who are the best and biggest european property auctions?
5 Oct 2016 #11
If the buildings are pre-war and have historical significance, it may be very difficult to find a buyer.
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #12
Why would it be difficult to find a buyer because of the significance of is history?
jon357 74 | 22,489
5 Oct 2016 #13
I'm sure you've noticed that many buildings here are relatively modern, due to the war, traditional building methods and economic factors. This means that buildings over a certain age are often under the care of the konserwator zabytków (very much like being listed in the UK) and the rules for modernising them can be strict and sometimes expensive to carry out. This is especially true in Warsaw where pre-war buildings for sale that aren't protected are often advertised as not being under the konserwator zabytków since this is a great plus for prospective buyers.

The rules may well be less strict in other places in Poland, however as @interested1 says, buildings of historic significance are generally monitored very well in Poland and any buyer would have to be good at negotiating their way through red tape.

You mention that the property has buildings from Napoleonic times and any prospective purchaser would want to know the exact status and what obligstions they may expect.
OP ScottE 2 | 8
5 Oct 2016 #14
This is why it maybe best to sell by auction or to some that really appreciates the beauty of the project, but as stated, there wasn't a problem with the duty or commitment.regarding legally obtaining planning permission to build a Hotel complex that included wooden cabins, Restaurant and Tennis count etc , or split into individual house plots..
jon357 74 | 22,489
5 Oct 2016 #15
Worth mentioning also (sorry to keep sounding negative) but open property auctions are relatively rare in Poland compared to many other places. Your best bet is maybe to go to one of the bigger commercial estate agents here (Cushman Wakefield have a good reputation and operate countrywide). Agents usually like a very quick sale since the difference in their commission is obviously a lot less than the difference in price the vendor gets if they are prepared to wait for a good price and the agent can move on quickly to their next sale.
OP ScottE 2 | 8
6 Oct 2016 #16
Thank you and all, so much for your advise, i'll give Cushman Wakefield a call..
7 Oct 2016 #17
Try the guy at Dolana dot pl. specialists in the sale of buildings of historic value, ScottE I think someone may have mentioned to you since PIS came in the rules of the game have changed quite a bit, especially for non Polish land owners.if you are selling a property which is in a company you will have to charge VAT. If you dissolve the company, you may not have the legal right to sell depending on your nationality.
Jaimeg 2 | 6
10 Mar 2018 #18

How to buy repossessed property in Warsaw?

Hi I would like to buy a repossessed or similar apartment in Warsaw in cash at auction. Does anyone know where to look for them?
Jaimeg 2 | 6
10 Mar 2018 #19
Thanks for merging the topics, I read the above information but there is no mention of a Polish Auction process or location for property
O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #20
@Jaimeg,I tried that maybe 8 years back,its a long process and there are big fish in it.Its advertised by komerniks(baillif/Sheriff) and the auction date set.I forgot how much, but you have to deposit some amount to bid.Trust me the guys I saw in auction was like old timer mafiosis and knew what to take.You will be left over with some ****** property probably worth lot less then you pay or the property has some kind of problems.

There are also some properties repossessed by the bank and the agent(realtor) was involved,I think I saw some on
Jaimeg 2 | 6
11 Mar 2018 #21
Thanks O Well I will check out the website today. If you think of any other websites please let me know.

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