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Property scam in Poland

19 Jan 2017  #1

Stay away from scammer Carlos Fernandes and his Buckingham investments in Poznan !!!!
You will never see your money or your investment.
He knows exactly how to steal your money without getting prosecuted.

20 Jan 2017  #2

There has to be a database for all real estate scammers, there are many such sharks in Warsaw as well.

What databases for fraudsters and scammers do polish use? They are very much needed
Arabian master    
15 Feb 2017  #3


Beware of this Polish agent

Beware of person. First he wanted me to pay him 2.9% commission and immediately offered 1.9% plus 3000 pln in advance.
And when asked what if I don't buy the property he shows me he offered to keep on working till I am satisfied. What a joke. Guys. Edward of these kind of scam artists. His name is cezary Graf, he asked my friend the same but he refused to pay.
11 Sep 2017  #4

@Arabian master


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