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What is the rent of a house in Warsaw?

shade 7 | 20
3 Oct 2014 #1
hello friends! I need to know that what is the rent of a house in poland? soon I am moving to warsaw, poland and I will prefer a house instead of a appartment. thank you!
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
3 Oct 2014 #2
In a city such as this, from approx. 3000/4000PLN a month plus service charges such as rubbish or security or communal fees, plus utilities such as water, energy.

An agent will also try to charge a fee of about 1/2 or 1 month's rent. If you check Gumtree or OLX, you'll see most property is handled by agents. About 1 in 10 or less by owners directly.

Of course, some houses are much more expensive, and very occasionally some are cheaper than the figures I have given.
You'll pay a lot less outside of the major cities.

From another thread I see you are probably hoping for Warsaw, in which case it's probably more for somewhere reasonably nice, but you can check here
wsthi - | 9
26 Jul 2018 #3

Need help to find house in Warsaw


I would be shifting to Warsaw soon. I am bit confused about accommodation as many sites are showing higher rent amounts even for smaller houses/flats.

Can anyone suggest the best way to find home at affordable prices?

Also, please share some agency/consultancy details or trustable websites.

Thanks in advance!
lonpol 7 | 69
26 Jul 2018 #4
Hi, seems quite popular. From there you will be able assess current market rates...


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