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Apartment Numbers in Poland

24 Aug 2017 #1
I am trying to find the layout for apartment numbers within a bloc. I.e. I want to observe the outside of a building and know roughly which numbers are where.

I'm sure that, in most cases, this varies greatly and depends on how the owner decides to run things etc. Maybe some don't disclose it at all. However I'm hopeful that there is some universality in this system.

Apologies if I'm in the wrong category.

kaprys 3 | 2,181
24 Aug 2017 #2
I don't think that is possible especially that there are different types of blocks with a different number of floors or number of flats on a given floor.

If you know someone and they want to give you their address, they will.
OP Atoemia
24 Aug 2017 #3
They did give their address in person but much of it became obscured. I guess I will have to contact the owner and see if they are willing to help me out. I thought I should ask this generalised question since my friend had the same problem with mailing to large apartment.

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