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How can I find/rent a cheap room in Krakow

Finland_Helsinki 1 | -
6 Jul 2017 #1

I am from Finland and I have graduated this summer. I am planning to move to Krackow for 3 months in middle of August. I am looking for a room (furnished) in a shared apartment in Krakow outside the city center. Could anyone give me some good web links where people put their advertises or name of company/agency who I can contact for a cheap room? My budget is 200-250 euro a month including everything.

I wish you a nice weekend.


terri 1 | 1,664
6 Jul 2017 #2
Try the Universities, who may be able to rent you out a dorm.The rest search 'rooms to rent-Krakow'.
lotof - | 1
29 Jul 2017 #3

I am travelling to krakow poland to get a master's degree in the krakow university of economics

1- I want to ask regarding the availability of dorms or cheap appartments ( 200 Euros per month ) which websites i should use to find one ?

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