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Problems after renting room in Krakow as student; I just got lease termination - bound to leave in 30 days

Godofwar86 1 | 1
1 Aug 2018 #1

I have been renting a room in a flat in Krakow and there is another tenant there (not the problem) and the landlord with his gf aswell. The short story is that I just got lease termination and is bound to leave in 30 days.

However, I created my own lease termination and handed that to the landlord at the same time I got mine. I asked that the landlord would sign my request becuase my document descibes all reasons why I wanted to terminate the contract prematurly. He refuses to sign that! The reason I wanted to terminate is that the landlord has himself broken the contract rules of "no disturbance", almost the whole time I have been there like awaken me 2 hours earlier than supposed to very early by banging in the kitchen and loud talking between him and his partner and other loud noises (especially after asking if the place is quiet since Im a sensitive sleeper). There are alot more points but this is the worst one. My problem now is that I want a part of my deposit that back that is more than the rent. He even have the nerve to ask for more payments! For some strange reason he seems unsually confident for the severity of the situation.

My questions to a nice person here would be what should/ can I do? I want to get back at him as much as possible the legal way. What would the polish tax office say for example or is it worth to go to local court with this maybe even request back my whole payments? Any pointer would be super nice!
terri 1 | 1,663
1 Aug 2018 #2
You have a lot of hurdles. First, did he register the flat rending with the tax authorities. Answer probably no. You can always tell him that you will go and tell them that.

Do you have a rental agreement that is worth more than the paper it is written on. Answer probably no.
Can you break your agreement before the rental time runs out. Answer - probably no. Your reasons will not stand up anywhere.
I would not pay him any more money, would just take all your belongings and leave. The cost of taking this case to court would cost you more than it is worth. ,
OP Godofwar86 1 | 1
5 Aug 2018 #3
Hi terri 1! Thanks a thousands for you answers!

Unfortunatly, I know little about him and his situation but I will keep it low until I move out and after that I will definetly contact the tax authorities here (I will definetly go for some serious social engineering aswell). The funny thing is that he asked the other tenant to be witness while he handed me the termintion (did not see the person but heard just before knocking on my door), don't think this means **** in the circumstances. Nevertheless, you pretty much confirm what I was thinking but would you confirm if this is right that here in Poland no one can be evicted onto the streets unless agreed to another location on the agreements?
terri 1 | 1,663
5 Aug 2018 #4
You already know that your agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. He probably cannot evict you formally, but he can get all your belongings and throw you out on the street. The only recourse would then be to go to the Police, but if he says that he gave you notice to leave and the date has passed then they cannot do anything. The Police cannot force your landlord to provide you with another place.....The fact that he had a witness means absolutely nothing, except that he wants you out. I would cut my loses and leave. You could go and ask at the police station what to do, but they are powerless to, if the landlord insists that he is doing everything right. Mind you, it might give him a fright if he gets questioned by the police.
cms neuf 2 | 1,816
5 Aug 2018 #5
Terri is right - grab your stuff and go. That is best for both of you.

Don't assume that he is not declaring it from tax - the vast majority of landlords these days to fill in the requisite tax forms.

Not sure what you mean by serious social engineering, if you mean you want to harrass this guy afterwards that sounds like an unwise thing to do. Surely the aim is to get out without paying anything extra And not to make the guys life a misery? This rental hasn't worked out but I am sure there are two sides to every story.

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