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Risks of renting a room without a contract in Poland?

3 Mar 2015 #1
i wanted to know what are the risks that i'll be taking if i rent a room without a contract .
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Mar 2015 #2
You risk that the owner will throw you out without a reason at any time.
jon357 71 | 20,037
3 Mar 2015 #3
Yes, very much so. There would have to be a degree of trust there. And of course registration issues if you're non-EU or you are EU and really want one of those cards to let you vote, get credit in PL, etc.
OP band_a
3 Mar 2015 #4
i forgot about the zameldowanie issue, is there a way to register zameldowanie and that the landlord is my "host" somehow ?
jon357 71 | 20,037
3 Mar 2015 #5
If your landlord agrees, yes. After all, it's him who has to go down and register you. He can register you in any residential property he owns.
UncleGoodAdvice 1 | 28
4 Mar 2015 #6
yes, landlord can give you zameldowanie in any case. you can get zameldowanie yourself if you have a copy of rent agreement
22 Jun 2016 #7

Renting without a contract repercussions in Poland

I am renting without a contract in Warsaw, Poland, I have a deal with the owner of the house and have been living here for 1 year

today a bailiff (komornik), came to the house and according to him, someone who is lives or lived here has a debt, e wrote down my name when he started interrogating me with my ID number (for fromalities) ,he told me the names of the debotrs and it wasn't the name of the owner or his family's name, the komornik asked me more questions about my presence and then it happened that he knew that I don't have an official contract with the owner of this house.

after I failed to contact the owner, he left him a paper asking him to present himself.

When the owner got back to me, he told me that he is aware of this issue and that he was trying to fix it before

The komornik came for the old debt of course, but will he also inform the authorities about me not having an official contract with the owner ?

And if he does, will I be penalized or will they penalize only the owner ?
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Jun 2016 #8
You do not have a contract (official or otherwise) because the owner has not informed the tax authorities of the fact that he has income which needs to be taxed.

The only problem that I see for you is that one day you may come back and all your things are out in the corridor, and you will not have any recourse of action. The owner can do this anytime he wishes and change the locks. You will not be able to do anything and the police will not help you - as the owner can deny that you ever lived there. Now, if you want to carry on living there with that hanging over your head every day - then continue to do so.
JoshiAshish - | 3
5 Jul 2016 #9
If the room contract is not there, you can't get the exemption in Tax. Better make a contract before renting a room.
5 Jul 2016 #10
If the owner has a debt, komornik can tae whatever he wants from premesis, including your stuff. It's a risk, I'd say.
27 Mar 2017 #11

Template contract for renting a flat in Polish and English language versions?

Can anybody upload or supply a link to an indisputably fair rental agreement in Polish/English versions, many thx
Jane D 1 | 9
27 Mar 2017 #12

It`s only in English.

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