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Planning permission for garage building in Poland

11 Jul 2016 #1
Hello/Dzien dobry.

Built my House already but now wanting to build a garage. It will have a foundation as we are on sloping plot and it's going to be brick built. Problem is I am reading that it must be 4 m from neighboring land with windows or 3 m without. It will not have windows that side however 3 m is pushing the Garage slightly round the side of the House making it all look off. The neighboring land is my Brother in Laws though so if he gave permission could we build 2 m from border? My only other option is to move the Garage site completely but that would mean taking Brother in laws view away if he were to build. Live in lesser Poland and planning is quite strict. Thanks
polishinvestor 1 | 362
11 Jul 2016 #2
Yes they are the rules. You will have to apply for permission and will signed consent from your brother in law and this needs to be submitted as well. Best to go to the planning applications desk and tell them what you want to do and they will tell you what paperwork is required.
OP DTok1972
22 Mar 2018 #3
Thanks for the answer. The rules have yet again changed and 4 m is the rule. Crazy as brother in law has no problem with us building a metre from his border. Our architect has come up with a plan for us to build then adjoin a wood store actually going onto brother in laws land. This way the rules are different and it is seen as land without border. Of course once accepted the wood store will be demolished as it will just be a quick hand made effort and will look pretty silly.

Now i have just bought a 2.5 x 2.5 wood shed for lawn mowers etc. I cannot get concrete answers on this one. I did read once but cannot find the thread that if the structure is small and moveable it can go straight on a border? We will just be laying concrete slabs for the base so nothing classed as forever. Funny we want to put this next to another border which is the sister in law. She does not plan to build on her land but her husband is a pain in the butt. He even moaned about border trees we planted even though they were 60 cm off the border and do not grow wider than 50 cm. Its so windy here at times we need that protection and privacy of course as she could sell anytime and we would have god knows who living next door. The family own all the land here so really i feel it is unfair for those in power to say where and what you can build.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
22 Mar 2018 #4
The family own all the land here

There's your problem. Why the hell did you build on property like that? You're going to have problems for years with them.
Richthecat 8 | 68
23 Mar 2018 #5
Hi there,

I am by no means an expert here but we had a similar debate about building a greenhouse and a shed next to our border fence and the conclusion we came to was that it is not covered in the act.

This is the paragraph which refers to what a building is:

of 7 July 994 BUILDING LAW

2) building - it shall mean such a building object which is permanently connected to the
ground, separated in spatial terms by means of building partitions and has foundations and a roof;

Because our shed and Greenhouse were erected on concrete blocks which sounds like your shed we concluded they were not included in the building law.

Generally, if you have a good relationship with your neighbors not much is a problem

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