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Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)?

Qacer 38 | 125
18 Aug 2007 #1
I'm interested in finding out more regarding mortgages in Poland. Does anyone have any English websites that deal with mortgages specifically in Poland?

I want to find out the rules, rates, types, etc. Thanks!
hello 22 | 890
19 Aug 2007 #2
It used to be easy to get a mortgage loan in Poland; it's getting harder and harder these days though.
23 Aug 2007 #3
It's not easy at all for a foreigner to get a mortgage in Poland. There is a lot of paperwork and the process can take 3-5 months with the bank liable to pull out at any time. You're looking at around 75-80% of the value (not price) and I think around 7% annual interest rate. Loans in Swiss francs were popular until quite recently when the interest rate went up and left a lot of people a bit shorter of cash than they would like.
23 Aug 2007 #4
But it's still possible to take mortgage in the foreigner's native country (eg. in the UK or the US). I hear radio commercials about Poles living in the US getting a mortgage loan from a bank located in Poland; they are supposed to visit Poland only on the closing date.
OP Qacer 38 | 125
24 Aug 2007 #5
Well, after the sub-prime market disaster, lenders are slowly tightening their mortgage requirements. Good thing Poland does not have any interest only loans or some type of adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). I think those two options share the blame for the sub-prime crash.

I have a friend who works at a bank in Poland. He claims that he can get some discounted interest rates on loans. I think I'll discuss this with him some more.
andy b
12 Nov 2007 #6
I have a mortgage business in Krakow, Poland Mortgage Direct - together with my Polish employee we help foreign investors all over Poland to get mortgages from Polish banks.
eleanoroconner 4 | 55
14 Nov 2007 #7
I'm British and got a mortgage at 2.75% with 80% LTV on one of my properties. The broker did all the paperwork, told me what I needed to provide and what I needed to get translated. Altogether took about 5 weeks on the first one. On the second one with the same interest and LTV I didn't actually have to get any documents translated because it was Deutche Bank.

Got them both via the Mamdom website. Google Mamdom and then click Mortgages. You are using a broker and some may charge but it saves you a hell of a lot of time and stress and you usually get a better deal than the DIY method which I tried first, and gave up.
14 Nov 2007 #8
Mamdom website

this site is quite good as i saw a rented accomdation at a reasonable price plus saw a house in for £10K listed no work really needed doing i reckon even on my low income here in UK working i could get a loan for a property that price ;)

is most buys 10/20% up front then rest on completion of sale ..
26 Nov 2007 #9
You can try with they don't charge anything for mortgage broking
cezarek - | 14
26 Nov 2007 #10
Also Oppenheim Kredyt, at arrange for foreigners. A friend got a mortgage through them and was very happy, I haven't used them myself.
andy b 4 | 156
26 Nov 2007 #11
Thanks for the link cezarek, classic photos on that site.
The girls certainly look good in their matching outfits, though I have no idea if they are any good at arranging mortgages....
danie_lpodpora - | 2
21 Feb 2010 #12

I would like also write a few words about mortgages. please see current offers available for non-residential customers:

1. full time employed

Bank A:
interest rate 3,71% in euro, max LTV 90%, bank fee 0%, up to 40 years
condition: very good salary!!

Bank B:
interest rate: 3,47% in Euro, Max LTV 70%, up to 30 years, bank fee 2,5%-3%
condition: good income, a lot of paperwork

Bank C:
interest rate: 3,57% in CHF, max LTV 80%, up to 30 years, bank fee 3,5%
only bank account statements for the last 6 months to get a bank decisinon!!!!

new offers will be availalbe in a weeks, the banks are offering new deals from which I am very happy and this is a first sign that property market is going to recover soon!!!

milky 13 | 1,657
22 Feb 2010 #13
By recovering, do you mean to a level where it benifits the people of Poland...or do you mean the bubble is going to remain and the people will continue to be punished by greed? Recover??
Seanus 15 | 19,674
22 Feb 2010 #14
It's hard to get a rate whereby you can pay it off over 10 years. Prices have gone up through inflation and expenses are many. It's a pain!
willowacre - | 2
7 Mar 2010 #15

Read some of your posts and you seem to be on the money as far as property is concearned - Have you any pointers ref mortgages

I have a few properties in UK and am looking to expand in Krakow


convex 20 | 3,930
8 Mar 2010 #16
By recovering, do you mean to a level where it benifits the people of Poland...or do you mean the bubble is going to remain and the people will continue to be punished by greed? Recover??

there won't be bailouts this time though.
4 Jul 2011 #17
If you are interested in taking out a mortgage in Poland I recommend - Mortgage adviser Poland - you can find it when you google Baron Subrosa on facebook.
johnnystrauss77 - | 1
8 Nov 2011 #18
Well, me and my father is looking for a mortgage place in Tennessee near the metro station would be preferred. We are planning to move in next month and already talked to 3 Realtor about the mortgage prices in Tennessee. But we are little disappointed by it because rates are so high that we can rent a whole villa in Alaska in this range. I want your help in finding a good mortgage place in Tennessee near about 1000$. Thanks in advance.
peterweg 37 | 2,311
8 Nov 2011 #19

This website is about Poland the country in Europe, not Poland, Tennessee, USA.

And lets keep this for reference Feb 21, 10, 14:32

new offers will be availalbe in a weeks, the banks are offering new deals from which I am very happy and this is a first sign that property market is going to recover soon!!!

milky 13 | 1,657
8 Nov 2011 #20
hahah, that's a classic, nothing like a good laugh.
15 Feb 2012 #21
hello everybody,
although I'm polish, i've been living as expat abroad for 10 years so I can understand many of your problems here smile

I work now as financial advisor, helping my clients with mortgages, savings and investments, mainly in Silesia, Kraków and Warsaw.
In case you would have any questions related to finances or properties (my wife is architect) in Poland - feel free to ask!
12 Feb 2014 #22
it doesn't deal specifically with poland however you should have a look at it. they are international brokers and have a wide range of bank partners. here is the link
29 Apr 2016 #23
If someone is going to take out a mortgage in Poland I recommend to speak with a specialist, e.g.
30 Apr 2016 #24

How difficult is it to get a mortgage on a Polish property if you are earning and working abroad, specifically the UK?
Bagguley - | 3
19 Jun 2016 #25

I have a similar question. My wife and I are looking to buy a small place in Poland somewhere near family but intend to continue living/working in the UK. Does anyone have any experience/advice in getting a mortgage for a place in Poland whilst continuing to live in the UK?
25 Dec 2017 #26
Hello, @bagguley and all I just don't know if you are still looking for mortgage but here is a link to some polish mortgage brokers........ if you have time check them out

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