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Tenants Rights in Poland - who should cover additional equipment costs of the apartment?

TomDimdom 3 | 3
18 May 2018 #1
Please can anyone tell me the rights of the tenant in Poland.

I have moved in to an apartment this year and things needed changing.

It has cost me over 20,000pln and now we need blinds for the apartment. I do not think its something I should be paying for so can anyone tell me what are my rights as the tenant please. the blinds will cost somewhere around 3 to 4,000PLN as there are five very large windows across the back of the apartment. This is great but the problem is the apartment heats up very quickly with the Sun something we obviously didn't have a problem with in the Winter when we moved in.

I have also had to pay for carpet and other parts of the apartment to be added such as Light fittings etc.

I look forward to someone to explain who should be paying for what as there is also a leak in the kitchen near the sink which they are denying is there because his father checked it and said its fine???? when the floor has actually swollen up so much the boards are bending.

cms neuf 1 | 1,839
18 May 2018 #2
For the leak the landlord should fix it. Take photos and send them to him.

The blinds are not the landlords issue and you dont really have any legal wat to get him to pay for those - presumably you saw the flat before you moved in?
Richthecat 8 | 69
18 May 2018 #3
Unfortunately the landlord only has to maintain the aprtment to the same state as it was rented to you allowing for fair wear and tear. The price of the improvements which are your responsibility. The only line of attack you have hear is to claim that the heat from the windows is making the apartment uninhabitable as it is too hot. If you do not have a way of cooling it eg ac and it gets above 30C then you have a case for him to have to pay for the blinds however he or she will not have to put in the blinds of your choice he will probably do it in as cost efficient way as possible so you are stuck. My advice being a Landlord is to come to an aggreement any blinds you place you are entitled to take with you when you leave but they will be worthless as you will have to find windows that fit them but you could ask your landlord to cover a percentage of the cost on the basis that they will be left when you leave. i have had a smilar situation with a fitted wardrobe and me and my tennants split the cost 50 50 on the basis they would leave the wardrobe as this was not a requirement.

The leak is his problem and make sure you take photos and inform him of the damage as he or she could claim you are liable for this.

It also depends on where you live as in most cities now rentals are in short supply and generally if a landlord looses a tennant he/she can replace them very quickly which makes them less inclined to look after their tennants. I however believe in if you are good to them they will be good to you and look after your property so I try to work with my tennants to find a mutally aggreeable solution to each problem.

Good luck

Not sure I have been of much help but ....

PS I think that price is very high for blinds I did my whole house for 2500 and have 4 big windows

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