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Looking for a reputable Lodz Estate Agent & Solicitor

Caolan 1 | 1
13 Jan 2014 #1
Hi Guys,

Hoping for a little help.

I have 2 propoerties in Lodz that I am looking to sell.

I purchased them approx 7 years ago and have decided to bring the funds back home. While I'm still getting a relatively decent yield of 6.5% on the property (rented to the same people for 7 years) -I've decided my foreign property investment days are over.

I am looking for a reputable estate agency and solicitor to work with- we originally used a local agent who also let the properties for us, but unfortunately the relationship went sour when he started paying the rent into his own bank account and keeping it (nice guy!!)

For peace of mind Ideally I'd lilke to use large companies rather than small 1/2 person operations.

Does anyone know the name of the main players in Lodz?

Any help is much appreciated

Wroclaw Boy
13 Jan 2014 #2
WGN is one of the largest national chains, heres the Lodz branch:

The ones in Wroclaw were a joke, but its more of an individual thing i think, depends on the individual you will be dealing with.
OP Caolan 1 | 1
13 Jan 2014 #3
Thanks a million!

Anyone with a good solicitor in Lodz?
bertles86 - | 2
29 Apr 2018 #4

Feedback on developers in Łódź

Hello everyone,

My partner and I are buying an apartment in Łódź.

We have several new build developments to consider, but can not discover much about the developers, or their past projects. i.e. If they are trustworthy/financially stable/good quality.

If anyone has any personal experiences and/or feedback regarding any of these companies, it would be very helpful:

New City Development Sp. z o.o.
Profit Development
OPG Property Professionals
Samson Dom Sp. z o.o.
Echo Investments S.A.

bertles86 - | 2
29 Apr 2018 #5
Not sure why my thread was merged with this one as they don't relate at all?

Anyway I would appreciate anyone's feedback and experiences with those developers specifically listed above.

I'm not interested in any information about estate agents or solicitors.

Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
29 Apr 2018 #6
Id be skepitcal of every single developer and real estate company in poland and there's tens of thousands of them. You likely won't find any info unless it's something they want you to find - namely a glossy website and good reviews of which many are probably written by staff. You need someone who is familiar with construction and the polish real estate market and All its crazy laws so you aren't left high and dry. This is coming from a pl citizen with property in pl btw.... dont trust any sp zoo developer etc thats my advice to you

If you're buying a condo in a high rise like say skytower you should be fine but still theres plenty of horror stories of people having tons money stolen from them, paying outrageous fees, problems receiving the title, etc.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
29 Apr 2018 #7
Echo Investments S.A.

Echo is reputable and has a long history. The rest, not so much.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
29 Apr 2018 #8
Location and then flat layout should be your most important consideration given that most blocks are now built in large part by a Ukrainian workforce! Any problems can be usually put right or masked if not spotted before being granted usage. Echo are huge but stay away from places like Skytower which are massively overpriced and may have issues in the future!

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