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Residential real estate values go down in Poland

cms neuf 1 | 1,838
7 Aug 2020 #451
Spain - Medium sized European country up all the time from 1975 to 2008
Portugal - up all the time from 1974 to 2009
Ireland - up all the time from 1990 to 2008.
Italy - up all the time from 1950s to the early 90s.

Lots of reasons for them faltering but generally a combination of bad government, over indebtedness, big global crises and corruption. The same ingredients are all present in Poland. My personal view is that Poland will continue its growth, butthe govt and the population shouldn't just sit back and wait for it to happen
Cargo pants 3 | 1,558
7 Aug 2020 #452
They have started raising the taxes,which might slow the growth but still compared to other countries its very cheap,I dont know about Czech Republic & Hungry but market in Poland is still very aggressive.You can compare the markets between The USA and Poland by these 2 sites I use.
and in &
Even the Income tax is 12.5% compared to 19.5% in here except the tenants are not A grade in Poland.Other problem is except American or International strong chains dont sign long umowa for 20/30 years but renewable for 5/10 years only.
pawian 213 | 22,211
8 Aug 2020 #454
Yes, it is in case of detached houses. Before building a house, you need to possess some land first. In case of apartments, it differs. Most blocks, especially those built in communist times, stand on grounds which belong to local governments.
pawian 213 | 22,211
3 Jun 2021 #455
Prices of properties, especially new and second hand apartments have been going up all the time since 2020. Inflation is high, around 5%, so people decide to invest their savings and are buying properties like crazy. It was expected last year that the pandemic would bring the prices down but it didn`t happen.

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