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May you confirm that Podgórze (Kraków) is a great area to live in?

odajay 1 | 2
28 Jul 2012 #1
Hi everybody,

It's been some days I'm reading everything I can about Poland in this forum as I was considering to accept a long term assignment there.

Here are my priorities in my search for the perfect place:

- Be at a 10mn maximum distance from my office (located on Wadowicka street)
- Have a nearby park, because three things: 1. I have a labrador dog who loves to run, 2. I love to a run, 3. I am more a countryside guy, so the more green pastures, the merrier

- Residential area with all commodities because of the next bullet-point
- Good public transportation service as I don't plan to buy a bring a car

I have studied a little, and thanks to Google Maps, I found the Bednarskiego Park which seems to be awesome in term of landscape and space. Moreover dogs seems also to be allowed :))) As this park is located in Podgórze, between my office and the market square, I was like "Man, it's the ideal place to search".

But I prefer to have the input of people actually living in Kraków. That means you guys!
What do you think about this area? Is it really an ideal place considering what I'm searching for? Did I miss something?

Btw, thanks you all for all the great information you all posted on this forum, you people are awesome for us, sharing all those interesting information about your country!
Kowalski 7 | 621
28 Jul 2012 #2
You have a dog so anywhere close to Bednarskiego Park would be advantage. Podgorze has many open green places anyway and lots of dogs in Krakow or anywhere in Poland, you're bound to step into some poop on sidewalk as well. it's mixture of industrial and residential area, fine if you want to avoid Krakow tourists and you want to avoid tourists when living in Krakow....Overall good location to live......fulfills all your criteria I think. Me not from Krakow but been wondering around Podgorze some time ago visiting Kazimierz, public transport in Krakow is great day and night so would be no problem joining the action on Krakow Old Town. Good luck and welcome.
pawian 178 | 15,928
29 Jul 2012 #3
May you confirm that Podgórze (Kraków) is a great area to live in?

Not bad. It has a few nice quiet places to live, far from main roads with tramways etc.
phtoa 9 | 236
30 Jul 2012 #4
) As this park is located in Podgórze, between my office and the market square, I was like "Man, it's the ideal place to search".

This would be the ideal place for you to search.
The area around stare podgorze is very nice, and your really close to great green areas, and yet very close to your work (public transportation is excellent) and only a 10 min tram ride to the center.

I'd say pretty much perfect location according to your criteria's.
OP odajay 1 | 2
2 Aug 2012 #5
Thanks for all your great inputs! It's good to receive a feedback so quickly, thanks a lot!
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
2 Aug 2012 #6
I never actually lived in Podgorze but I do like that part of town,lots of nice places to eat, easy access either into or out of Krakow ,the Park as mentioned,some gorgeous old wooden houses tucked away too.

Id say,and I hope it doesnt sound condesending,but , Podgorze is *real * Poland for me. It might sound odd,but its nice to go somewhere that there are still one or two Bars that you know are just for locals......dont get me wrong, I dont mean in an unfriendly,going to get beaten up if you go in way,but obviously not aimed at tourists or students :)
OP odajay 1 | 2
20 Aug 2012 #7
I will be neither a tourist nor a student but I really appreciate your comment. I most definitely look like a foreigner and I don't want to have any potential problems with my neighbours because of accent or my skin color.

I think I'd have to find something near the other park, Blonia as it's near city center.
jacekkaminski91 1 | 16
21 Dec 2016 #8
An old post but thought i'd add my bit to it. Firstly in terms of buildings Podgórze remains very handsome, with masses of 100+ year old tenements, blessed with high ceilings and light, and whilst they are not cheap they are much more reasonable than the tenements you pick up in the old town. I live in Stare Podgórze near to Plac Bohatertów Ghetta. I love it here, we've got great parks, brilliant communication links all over the city by tram and bus (although I personally hate buses) and it's an incredibly short walk to Kazmierz if you like that district.

If you prefer to stay away from the kind of kids who haven't realised Kazimierz coolness peaked 5 years ago, then Podgórze would be highly recommended. It has so much going for it, great bars, nice off the beaten track restaurants, great cafes, and it feels like real Poland.
jacekkaminski91 1 | 16
21 Dec 2016 #10
I bought a while back, happy here for a long time.
JacekthePole 1 | 57
20 Nov 2020 #11
Quality place mate, cool but without too many german & dutch p**s heads
pawian 178 | 15,928
20 Nov 2020 #12
I think there is this interesting Neo gothic church in Pogdórze, people love taking selfies there.

20 Nov 2020 #13
^OMG! Just when I assumed I know it all the Krakow area surprises with sth like this. I guess it's best to visit other regions first and save it for last. Otherwise how can Wawa, even Gdansk or Lublin compare? Btw can anyone recommend the order?

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