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Best area in Krakow to live?

mmille24 3 | 6
22 Feb 2013 #1
If you had to pick anywhere to live in Krakow, where would you live and why? Assuming, you don't have a car and need to use public transportation.
pgtx 29 | 3,146
22 Feb 2013 #2
1. Krowodrza
2. Kazimierz
22 Feb 2013 #3
Nowa Huta of course :)
Just support the right team!
OP mmille24 3 | 6
23 Feb 2013 #5
Why Krowodrza? Seems pretty far away from city center and the action. What's up there?

I guess I should qualify this a bit more. I'm in my mid 20s, single, and will be working around Kazimierz. I can spend up to 3000zl a month.
5 Mar 2013 #6
Let's start with the pubs. Now whereas many a young Pole feels that it is perfectly OK to rock up to a club at ten o'clock and make themselves comfortable for the night, the English amongst us know that this nefarious practice is in fact illegal. All nights out, by orders of Her Majesty The Queen (whose authority bypasses such frivolities as international borders) must start in a bar­ and no later than eight o'clock!
phtoa 9 | 236
5 Mar 2013 #7
Why Krowodrza? Seems pretty far away from city center and the action. What's up there?

It is, I have no idea why ppl say Krowodrza.
Kazimierz though is the place to live, assuming you can find a decent apartment as many of the buildings are quiet old.

Anyways, I'm early 20's single etc. been living in Kaz for 1,5 years I'd never move to any other part of Krakow!
OP mmille24 3 | 6
9 Mar 2013 #8
Thanks for the feedback everyone.
pvps - | 3
22 May 2013 #9
Merged: Krakow - where to live?

I've been reading this forum for quite some time, but have made my registration only today.
I'm moving to Krakow and would like some advice on the best areas to live in, and which ones I should avoid.
pvps - | 3
23 May 2013 #11
Ok, and what about Górka Narodowa?
Does anyone has an opinion about this region?
phtoa 9 | 236
23 May 2013 #12
It's quiet far from the center and all. But the apartments out there are usually quiet new and good standard, and off course its cheaper there than in Kazimierz for example.

It also depends if you have a family with you, or if your planing to buy a car in that case it is nice. Or if you will be working in this area?
pvps - | 3
23 May 2013 #13
Hi, phtoa!
I'll be living with my family, and we'll have a car, but we'll also need to use transports.
I'll be working south the river, in Podgorze, would it be best to look there instead?
phtoa 9 | 236
23 May 2013 #14
Okay, its a good area for a family with green field's etc. and if you have a car it's great.
Well, since you'll be working in Podgorze I'd recommend you to look for something in the south part of the city.
Górka Narodowa is in the north so when going to work you'd have to cross all the way across town, and by car with the traffic in the morning it might take some time.

I'd suggest you to look for something in Debniki (there is a nice lake, and green areas) and also you can look in Podgorze, but beaware of which district in Podgorze as not all places are very nice. You can also check out Ruczaj and Lagiewniki area. Good place's for families and not far from your work place as all these district are south of the river.
Olaf 6 | 955
23 May 2013 #15
The more centre the better, right?
Stare Miasto, Kazimierz, anywhere in 1.5 km radius I guess.
23 May 2013 #16
The best places to live for foreigners are probably Krowodrza, Stare Miasto and Grzegórzki districts. Also north parts of Dębniki and Podgórze districtcs. They all have a central localizations.

Krowodrza is relatively good quality university district. Stare Miasto is expensive and used mostly by tourists. Grzegórzki, Dębniki and Podgórze are a bit more distant and less quality districts.

Here is the map of districts:

Krakow districts

More about Districts of Cracow in English:
James G 2 | 14
23 Jan 2014 #17
Im looking for a quiet place in krakow to stay. If I move to Krowodrza will I have to listen to students partying all night long hence all the unis around that area? (this is not what im looking for of course):)
Cardno85 31 | 976
24 Jan 2014 #18
I stay in Kurdwanów and I like it. New building, very warm, fast internet and then there's loads of trams and buses to get anywhere.
James G 2 | 14
24 Jan 2014 #19
I stay in Kurdwanów

hmm..seems a bit far out, how long does it take on the tram to get into city centre from there? I may be looking for something like 10min from city center and quiet!!
Maluch 30 | 95
1 Feb 2014 #20
stare miasto - hands down ! kazimierz is overrated

stare kleparz is good area.. anywhere along karmelicka too.. to the west Smolensk (street) is super quiet too Jubilat area good

If you have the money - why live super far from the centre and have to rely on public transit? Kind of a no-brainer

Podgorze apparently the next hot area in krakow but I find it too far of a walk from the rynek
fowlerski - | 1
10 Jan 2016 #21
Merged: Krakow - Biezanow Prokocim Area - What is it like?

Hello everyone!

I have the opportunity (with family in Poland) to buy some land in Biezanow Prokocim in Krakow to build some apartments. Can anyone tell me what this area is like? Would you buy an apartment or house there? What are the demographics like?

Any advice appreciated.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
11 Jan 2016 #22
My advice : don't do it if there's family involved. It will just end in tears - no matter how much you like them on a personal level, Poles are dreadful people when it comes to business - and they will ruin you. They will see no harm in letting cousin Paweł take some supplies for his own house building project, nor will they see any harm in letting the costs rise because "it's holidays".

It might sound alarmist, but unless you really know what you're doing and if you're not afraid to cause family problems, avoid.
11 Jan 2016 #23
Eh? You don't know this guy's family. You're giving him advice about what to do with his family based on your personal experience with other Poles? He has asked you about Bieżanów-Prokocim. Can you do that? If not, why don't you keep your offensive generalisations to yourself?
supercigas - | 2
25 May 2016 #24
Merged: Where to live in Krakow as an expat with family?

Hi, I will be moving to work and live in Krakow in a few days. I will be provided with temporary accommodation in Stare Miasto for first several months, but in Autumn I will be bringing my wife and two kids and will have to rent a permanent place to live in. There are many threads about Krakow neighbourhoods in this forum already and I explored them but most of them are old and posted by single people who obviously have different priorities when looking for a place to live. I will be working in PMI so I would like to know which area is the best to living in based on this criteria:

- Easy daily commute to PMI by public transport or on foot.
- Easy reach of city center.
- Car parking (I will be taking bus/tram to work but I still have a car).
- Green areas nearby.
- Kindergartens / schools nearby.
- Preferably has nice/new apartment buildings.

For some context I will let you know that I am currently living in a post-soviet country in a 50 m2 apartment in a building built in 1950's by soviets. My neighbourhood is swarming with bums, drunks and drug addicts and is a s***hole in general. So I am not affraid to live in less prestigous surroundings than Stare Miesto or Kazimiers as I am used to it, but I would definitely like an upgrade from where I live now. Any input on this topic would be much appreciated.
Marsupial - | 880
25 May 2016 #25
You have no choice but to upgrade going on your description because that should be default in krakow. Don't know the town much so can't help you but lucky you!
supercigas - | 2
25 May 2016 #26
Thanks, Marsupial. I will share some of my thoughts that I have after having read some older posts. Stare Miasto and Kazimiers are too fancy, expensive and not exactly suited for family life I understand. All the neighbourhoods south of Wisla are out of question because of traffic on bridges on my way to work which is located north of Wisla. Nowa Huta has a bad reputation due to crime levels and general quality of life because it was built by communists who had a pretty awful vision on how to build things back in the day. That is according older posts, but I also read some recent articles that it is an up and coming neighbourhood with a reasonably priced accommodation available. So I am not sure what to think about Nowa Huta. What is left are Grzegorzki, Bienczyce, Mistrejowice, Pradnik Czerwony, Pradnik Bialy, Krowodrza, Bronowice. Though last 3 look pretty far from PMI but if there's a direct tram line, it may not be a problem. So can anyone shed some light on which of these (or other) neighbourhoods would fit my criteria best?
tokyoskies - | 1
28 May 2016 #27
Hi Supercigas. Funny, but I am in the same situation as you. I will move to Poland with my wife and 2 little kids and am now researching where to live. For me, the decision is more related to my daughter's preschool location as I will take her there with the bicycle. So I drop her off in the morning, then go back home or whatever and pick her up in the afternoon. Naturally I dont wanna spend 2h+ on the bike each day (although it would keep my belly flat).

I have been to Wroclaw before, but never to Krakow. To me Stare Miasto and the immediate surrounding areas were first choice, but now I am thinking whether they are really that suitable for a family. I am location independent, so I can work from home, a coffee shop or a park bench. From your post I can see that Krowodrza and Bronowice seem ok. I was also considering Kobierzyn, but that might be too far out for you.

Looking for the right place is giving my a headache.
jacekkaminski91 1 | 16
21 Dec 2016 #28
Hands down for me Podgórze and i've lived in the North too. I like Bronowice and Krowodrza but the tenements are much more handsome in Podgórze and it's walkable to most of the key places, plus transport links here are amazing too by Tram.

Plus podgórze feels like the real poland with bundles of coolness, although Gentrification starts to creep in with new trendy places opening up everywhere.

We are also blessed with great parks and if you can live in Stare Podgórze you'll enjoy Park Bednarskiego which is a real joy.
terri 1 | 1,663
23 Dec 2016 #29
I know it's old fashioned, but I would stop people on the street and ask whether they live there and what it is like to live there. people will generally tell you the truth if you say you're thinking of buying in the area. It all depends if you want to be in the centre (noise and all that goes with it) or near parks (to walk a dog for example) or near transport links (bus and tram stops). Walk about the area and ask, always ask.

Also remember that if you buy something - you may wish to sell it in the future - do some research on sale prices.
smurf 39 | 1,971
23 Dec 2016 #30
If you had to pick anywhere to live in Krakow, where would you live and why

Outside it
Because Krakow

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