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How to kick out tenant who is living for free in my unit

4 Sep 2021 #1
How to kick out a tenant who does not pay rent and other expenses. Police is refusing to help despite given authority to my friend as I am living overseas.

I do not want to go to court and let that person to live in my unit free for 3 - 4 years before court even will look at it. The tenant is just laughing in my face.
Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Sep 2021 #2
have someone give him hints or threats like some ultras or hooligans hire them to leave a note on his door "get out by or else". The threat doesnt have to even be legitimate or announced who made it thus it wont lead back to you. It can be just a warning to scare them off.
Oathbreaker 4 | 451
4 Sep 2021 #3
Make a username and send me a message, I can handle it. Just need the info and of course payment for my troubles. If you wish to talk things out before agreeing to anything I am open to that of course
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
5 Sep 2021 #4
@OP,For next time never put the electric on tenants name in your residential property, like in your case, you could cut of the electric and see how long can a tenant last without electric and will be out in a month if not the choice is to use muscle but don't dirty your hands doing it yourself.I'm surprised how many foreigners buy Proprties in Poland without doing there proper home work, same with some hiring attorneys to buy one. It clearly shows how bad investors they are.

@strz, never put a note or something and leave evidence for cops & prokrutura against you.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
21 Sep 2021 #5
send me a message,

Did she?She sent me a PM and I told her a POLISH LEGIT way to get them out,and maybe ask you to go with her for MORAL SUPPORT.

She can come to POland on a long weekend,when her tenants(squatters) are out of the flat (to avoid direct confrontation),call the locksmith,show him the notariuz deed for the ownership of the flat and change the lock.Put the belongings of the tenant* in the hallway and enjoy a glass of wine in the flat.When the tenant comes,either they will leave or call the cops,in case an idiot cop comes in explain him that these people have no meldunek(she told me they dont) and she owns the flat and this is a civil case.Most cops in Poland know this procedure and will tell the tenant to leave and file a case in the court.GAME OVER.

We is the States also have invented some tricks esp during covid when evictions were halted.Last year someone I knew,told him to put krazy glue in the door keyhole(make sure the guy who does that is in a full hoodie and no cameras are nearby).LOL his tenant called the locksmith three times spending 2/300$ and 4 th time broke the door and left with his belongings.He had to replace the new door for 300$(better then 1200$ a month rent).He called the cops to document that the flat was abandoned and now he has legal possession of his property.
Oathbreaker 4 | 451
21 Sep 2021 #6
@Cargo pants
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I won't post PM information here in a thread. Feel free to PM me if you want.

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