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Use the evicted clause to terminate the contract in Poland

krkgdn 1 | 3
3 Jun 2018 #1
Hi all,

I was wondering, since the fix-term contract should/cannot be terminated, and in case im moving town due to relocation of my company, is it possible to just terminate the contract by not paying the 1 or 2 months usually agreed in the contract to be evicted? or there will be any repercussions ?
Looker - | 1,134
22 Jun 2018 #2
It depends from the landlord only if he choose to terminate this contract when you stop paying, and your debt will be growing in time.
21 Apr 2022 #3

Terminate rent before

Sorry for another thread that was already answered multiple times here but we're in a situation that we were not prepared.
We are refugees from Ukraine, we had to escape the war and had to rent an apartment in a short time without knowing any Polish laws. Right in the time when landlords increased their prices we signed a year contract without any termination clause for a 5000zl + more than 2000zl for gas, water and etc. Definitely our fault but still. Some of us got fired or had other troubles with money and we have to move somewhere cheaper to live in.

I know it's not possible to terminate a contract and our landlord is not accepting any offers except a year payment for the rent. If we just clean out the apartment and move leaving our deposit what will be the consequences? I've read the contract and the only termination can be by her side if we don't pay for 14 days. Can she go to court and get a lawsuit that we will be required to attend and pay? (The contract states that we should pay in cash)

Thanks for any answer.

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