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Property taxation in Poland and inheritance (obligated by law to pay)?

jon357 71 | 21,116
14 Oct 2021 #31
put in a trust.

Some people (often farmers) do that in Europe, however the threshold is high enough not to have much effect most on of society. People on the whole get good value for their taxes here.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
14 Oct 2021 #32
here I am there is no inheritance tax unless biden changed that lately.

Same in NJ,he is changing the federal tax from 11.5 mil to 3.5 mil,who knows when this will end his socialism.LOL in NJ you have to die after 2018 for your inheritors to be state tax exempt.

It doesn't go through probate if it has been put in a trust.

Thats the only reason for a living revockable trust.Did you also add a pour in will??very worth it and in the state of NJ you dont have to register it with the state.

I have most of my assets put into a trust to avoid taxes.

How many people did you add on as an trustee? and did you mention there roles?In Poland a simply registered will does the job.You know that the medical bills are still to be paid by the trust?

Home / Real Estate / Property taxation in Poland and inheritance (obligated by law to pay)?
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