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Life near the Carpathian mountains?

2 Jan 2021 #1
Hi all, I love the outdoors and traveling to the Tatras. What are some not so small and livable towns in the area south of the Krakow / Rzeszow "line"/latitude down to an including the borders with Slovakia and Ukraine? Which one are the largest small town there? I'm talking mostly for Subcarpathia & Lesser Poland regions with some tiny parts of Silesia.

What kind of sectors & jobs are there in places like Nowy Sacz, Wadoeice, Krosno, Sanok, etc.? A place where life is relatively affordable for a teacher or librarian? Are there any small college towns there?
OP Zlatko
2 Jan 2021 #2
That region looks quite interesting being near the mountains and having so many hilly areas. Being near Košice or Lvov would be great for trips. Even parts of Hungary are not far off. One can visit so many different cultures in the area. It's hard to combine access to even 2 of your favourite cultures in a place but that area does it for me (Poland & Hungary). I could also go to Bavaria in Germany for more money but I'm indifferent to Czechia & Austria.
pawian 178 | 15,928
2 Jan 2021 #3
any small college towns there?

Nowy Sącz has a few colleges. That is why it might be more expensive as far as renting a flat ic concerned. Other may have uni branches but I am not sure.

What kind of sectors & jobs are there

Check job offers from Wadowice council`s site
OP Zlatko
3 Jan 2021 #4
Thanks pawian!
I just'd like to plug in a place that I think has tourist potential - Przemysł.
Definitely underrated when it comes to small towns. Fine architecture, a few interesting bridges for bridge lovers & a very cozy riverfront on the San. Climate's very continential with very chilly winters but real summers & plenty of sunshine compared to Northern and Western Poland. This gives it a cozy, southern vibe in warmer months.

I've discovered so many gems in this overlooked part of Poland. Rzesów was a boring exception, but I enjoyed this region better as in climate & architecture than anything to the north of the latitude of Lódź except Poznań and Gdańsk (no offense, I love Northern/Northwestern Polish nature but it's too cloudy there and Prussian architecture influences & bare brick buildings aren't my cup of tea).

A curious bit about the very south of Poland is that almost all houses have sloping roofs compared to the rest of the country, where I saw lots of cube-shaped houses with flat roofs. Commie flats are rarer in the south outside of larger cities and often fancier. Many are remodeled with sloping roofs & some even have original mouintain hut-inspired pagoda-like elements on the windows. The Carpathian area's awesome.
pawian 178 | 15,928
3 Jan 2021 #5
south of Poland is that almost all houses have sloping roofs compared to the rest of the country,

That`s natural, The closer to the mountains, the heavier the snowfall.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
12 Jan 2021 #6
Apparently, it'll be -18 in the Carpathian mountains this week. Brr.

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