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Hiking around Zakopane/ Tatra mountains

FosterL3 3 | 2
1 Sep 2008 #1
I am wanting to visit Zakopane in October and do some hiking around the Tatra mountains. I do a lot of walking in England but orienteering isn't my strong point. Is it easy to hike on your own in the mountains, I heard that there are colour coded walks, but then reading the information on the internet it says it's extremely dangerous. Is it safe to hike alone or is going with a tour guide better. If the latter is better does anyone know where you can book onto a tour and how much they are?

1 Sep 2008 #2
it depends how experienced you are...

PS - Morkie Oko is closed for tourists for the next couple of months or so...

you have fun and be careful...
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
1 Sep 2008 #3
Hello FosterL3.
I am from Ireland and I live in the mountains in Poland, not as far as Zakopane. There are many many treks, some better than others. The thing I do not like about the main stream treks in Zakopane is that there are far too many people on the path (directly infront and behind you) but do not worry there are plenty of treks.

Is it easy to hike on your own in the mountains, I heard that there are colour coded walks,

Yes, it is very easy. Some routes are dangerous especially at certain times of the year, nameingly winter. Go alone you will be fine. I have no idea about tours.

You will be fine, if there is anythig more I can help you with do not hesitate to ask.
OP FosterL3 3 | 2
2 Sep 2008 #4
That's annoying that morkie oko is closed off that's one of the places I was planning to go to. O well maybe I'll go off the beat and track a bit more and see places with more minimal tourist activity. Thanks for your comments.
19 Sep 2008 #5
Morkie oko is NOT closed to tourists. I actually slept there this week. The weather was TERRIBLE. A lot of snow and the Rysy was unreachable. You'll have to take the path form "Schronisko w Dolinie Pieciu Stawow" to get to Morkie oko. If you go right now double the time which you read on the signs and take care!!
loco polaco 3 | 352
19 Sep 2008 #6

if you search hard enough you may be able to find a map to all these. difficulty comes from the elevation gaines and steepness of trails. it's not dangerous if you're prepared. remember that even though tatra mountains aren't all that tall they are real mountains and thus carry some risk regardless. make sure to have enough water and clothes and have a map and good idea where you're traveling.

maybe I'll go off the beat and track

since this is an NP, bushwhacking is not allowed. otherwise, i don't think there is such a thing as 'off the beaten track' in PL. you will encounter people no matter where you go.
Lori 4 | 118
11 Oct 2008 #7
Please understand some trails were or are still closed because the Zakopane area received rainfall that created flooding in early July. Trails need to be repaired for safety. Nothing is done to inconvenience you all personally.
elaine c.
22 Mar 2010 #8
Hi Sean

Do you still live in the polish mountains, I am considering going there at the end of April and doing some basic walks, nothing too strenuous, are there walks a girl can do at that time of year alone, are there huts near Zakopane I can stay at, at that time of the year.

Go raibh mile maith agut

Elaine c.
Richfilth 6 | 415
21 Aug 2010 #10
[Moved from]: Polish Mountains in September (any tips or experiences?)

I'm looking to bring my Dad over to Poland for a long weekend doing something in the mountains; probably hiking up and down the trails between PL and Slovakia.

Does anyone have any tips, or recent experiences? Good trails, advice on where to spend the night, highlights; that sort of thing?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
21 Aug 2010 #11
You might find these of interest: Walks up the Poland's Beskids mountains.
AdamUK 7 | 25
14 Apr 2011 #12

I have been searching on here for some information regarding Zakopane. I am going in June with my girlfriend, Looking forward to it.

SeanBM - A special thanks to you sir, I just read your thread "Recommendations for Zakopane" That is one awesome thread. There is no wonder you are famous on here :-)

Ofcourse I appreciate everyone else's input on these forums. Good work.

With Zakopane aporaching I must get physically ready and scratch up on my Polish. Wish me luck ;-)

Kind Regards
15 Apr 2011 #13
I do not think you are running into any trouble hiking in Zakopane alone. We live in Zakopane where we moved from Krakow, and we love it. We hiked with children every weekend when we have no clientes in our Villa Pod Smrekami or St. Stanislaw House. There are great maps with all trails. You will meat people like you, who love this beautiful mountains, love to be close to nature. All bad ones in down town ha ha!

You can stay with us, as we tourist and nature oriented. You will get all advises you need from Greg runs both houses and who is profesional ski instructor. Last year he took part in expedition to ELBRUS in Russia. There is nothing or very few places like Zakopane Mountains. You my find us on web just looking for Villa Pod Smrekami or Zakopane instruktor narciarski.

Good luck to you
Tonino 8 | 14
27 Nov 2015 #14
Merged: hiking in zakopane tmrw

hey guys,
Is there a lot of snow on the trails right now up in the regular trails? I'm not gonna hike up to the top of a mountain. I looked on the mountain cams and there wasn't enough snow to justify putting on snowshoes but it looks like it'll be tricky hiking up on regular boots. What do you think?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
1 Jun 2016 #15
Merged: The long proposed tunnel through the Tatra from Zakopane to Poprad

Will some of us live to see this? The Slowaks, who have tunnels everywhere (poor in GDP as they were in the past) OK'd this a while back, but the Poles couldn't or wouldn't fund it.

I would have thought it is a must for the development of the region, and the environment in my old favourite climbing ground of Zdiar and the Eastern Tatra is being damaged by heavy goods traffic.

If those Swiss can build this epic, surely a joint venture can pull off the short tunneling required between these two towns?
pawian 181 | 17,079
22 Aug 2019 #16
Be careful when hiking in the Tatra Mountains coz the weather is unpredictablem even ibn summer time. The news is tragic today - 4 people died and a few dozen are seriously injured after violent thunder storms caught umprepared hikers on Giewont Mount and others. Among them a Portuguese tourist. Rescuers say they have never experienced such a situation.

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