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Buying property in Poland

mochadot18 15 | 242
17 Aug 2021 #31

Buying property

Hello, am currently selling a property in California USA. Wondering what is the average price of places in poland? Places here are very expensive, I am a dual citizen so would I have any problems purchasing a place there??
Atch 16 | 3,474
17 Aug 2021 #32
Depends on where in Poland you want to buy and how many square metres you want, house or flat/apartment, town, city or rural. Just like anywhere else in Europe, it varies. Warsaw is the most expensive city, then Gdansk, Krakow, Wrocław. Poland is divided into several regions and each has its own charms and socio-economic profile. If you don't need or want a city property then you can get good value for money in a house in the Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) region or east Poland in the Ukrainian or Belarussian border areas.

Average asking prices in Warsaw for an apartment are 10,000zl per square metre (that's about 2,500 dollars) and the other big cities/centres of employment are similar these days. There are some ridiculously expensive developments in Warsaw with prices up to 30,000 per square metre but ignore those. Mr Average Local pays between 8 and 10,000 per square metre.

If you want a house anywhere in Poland that's modern and habitable, then you can get something for 300,000 zl but that would be in the countryside or a small town and it wouldn't be very big, about 100 square metres.

The above is just a rough guide.

Here is a link to a property website so you can get an idea of prices:

If you don't mowi po polsku :) use Google Chrome for your browser and you can translate the site into English or you can just cut and paste into Google Translate. Mieszkanie is apartment/flat and Dom is house. You want the 'sprzedaż' category, for sale.
Paulina 13 | 2,229
17 Aug 2021 #33
@mochadot18, prices of flats in Poland have been going up recently like crazy, but I'm guessing they're probably still cheaper than in the US... Because of those rises in prices the trend is apparently to look for something outside of the big cities, in the suburbs:
Jan 01
23 Aug 2021 #34
I am interested in buying a house in Krakow, the owner wants a deposit of half 500,000zl settlement in 6 months, is this normal practice, is it safe to go ahead even with a legal document, Jan
Atch 16 | 3,474
23 Aug 2021 #35
When you decide to buy a property in Poland, you pay a deposit and you agree the amount of that deposit with the owner. It can be as little as ten percent, which is actually quite usual. Fifty per cent is a bit much and I certainly wouldn't pay that much myself. The reason some sellers want a big deposit is because they are worried you might pull out of the sale and they think that if you agree a large deposit, you are more likely to complete the sale. It's quite normal for the deposit to be paid directly to the owner but you can ask to have the deposit held in an escrow account through a lawyer or notary. The important thing is that the terms on which you pay the money and anything else you agree is clearly stated in the preliminary contract and that the contract is drawn up by a notary or solicitor.

There are two types of deposit contract, 'zaliczka' and 'zadatek'.

With zaliczka, either of you can pull out of the sale at any time before completion and you'll get your deposit back. With zadatek, if you pull out you lose your deposit and if the seller pulls out, he will have to compensate you with double your original deposit.

As for six months to complete sale, about two to three months is more usual and I would want to know the reason for such a long delay.

To sum up, there's nothing illegal in what the seller is requesting but it's far from ideal. I would say that you should consult a Polish lawyer as you seem a bit unsure of what you're doing and it's a lot of money to risk.

Finally, if you're not Polish, you need to have a 'sworn translator ' to look over all documents and be present at any legal transactions. Even if you speak Polish, if you're not actually Polish, you must have this.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,174
24 Aug 2021 #36
Average asking prices in Warsaw for an apartment are 10,000zl per square metre

I just sold one in centrum Warsaw ofcourse for 15350 PLN a sq m.

It can be as little as ten percent, which is actually quite usual. Fifty per cent

I never do that,I always put it in Notariuz esccrow account,(No need to hire a lawyer)after the deal is signed Notariuz holds the papers and we transfer money usually by phone as the buyer & seller agrees to open accounts in one bank so the transfer of funds are automatic in a minute.There were times in early 2000s when cash was king and counted in notariuz office while she left us alone to do the transaction in the room.

I would want to know the reason for such a long delay.

Most likely the bank is involved for loans,money coming from abroad,a pending sale of another property by the buyer.I sold my flat on 10th Aug in 3 working days to a buyer with cash and am going back to purchase a property I found and will close on it next week,all just in 18 days after we signed the contract.

I have to say that some sellers are not brilliant as they didnt want to sell me for 3 months as they would have to pay almost 24k in penalties to the bank,so I offered to pay that penalty calculating that I will collect more in rent and no chance of seller changing mind and saving me further hassle of looking for a new and the 24k will not be out of my pocket but will come out of the tenants security deposit.
27 Oct 2021 #37
HI I wonder if someone can help, I am an British citizen, living and working in the Netherlands for 23yr and have a dutch residence permit. My wife is Poland as are our children. My question is Can I sell my house (Its in my name only as I bought it long berfore we met) and buy a house in poland in her name only as im not a polish citizen or resident. does she need to pay gift tax etc?
cms neuf - | 1,691
27 Oct 2021 #38
You won't need to pay gift tax in Poland - you and your wife are one economic unit.

But you might need to check if you have capital gains tax in wherever you are tax resident. Depends if it's your regular house or a second property etc
jgrabner 1 | 76
28 Oct 2021 #39
for buying 1 (one) house to live in, you can buy it yourself as no permit is required, not even for non-EEA citizens, as long as the house does not sit on an area >10k m2 (1 hectare) and is not in a border zone: , so for "normal" buyers of apartments or family homes, this is a non-issue. Farmland (>5k m2) is another matter.

the list of places which are in border zones and are an exception from the exception, ie they require a permit, is here:

source: see. art 8/1, which is valid for all foreigners. EEA citizens have an advantage when they want to buy a 2nd home or farmland (see art. 8/2).
28 Oct 2021 #40
THank you so much for your information. we currently live in the Nethelrands, we have never lived in Poland together. is it still the case I dont need a permit to buy as Im not an EU citizen.
efevberha 1 | 11
29 Oct 2021 #41
Try to verify the information it may sound ridiculous but in Poland can never know...

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