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Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood

9 Oct 2019 #1
Hi all. I'd like to buy land in the nature in Poland and build a wooden house. Any suggestions on how I start? Thanks!"
cms neuf 1 | 1,743
9 Oct 2019 #2
You first need to read about the restrictions on buying farmland - which apply to both Poles and foreigners. Basically you need to be a registered farmer.

For your plans you might like to buy a small plot next to a lake where it would be easier to get permission, but you will also probably have some neighbors. A wooden house is just for summer ? Winters are going to be a big problem if you want to live their year round so make sure the road is passable and you have a water supply.
pawian 223 | 24,583
10 Oct 2019 #3
It doesn`t need to be a farmland. There are also construction/building plots, excluded from farming.
Where to start? Start by checking ads on major buy/sell property sites. You can also contact an estate agency in a big city but those in small ones could be also appropriate for your needs.
13 Jun 2020 #4
Hello, I have land in swietniki Gorne,32040 Krakow of 1500 m2. I would like to build medium size metal or wooden house including garden and garage for 3-4 people.Many people already built house there and gas, water, electricity provided. Please tell me about the price for both metal/wood area of almost 200m2 and rest will be kept for gardening.
Richthecat 8 | 69
15 Jun 2020 #5
Ok I have done this so here is my advice for what it is worth and I will tell you the mistakes I made to try and help you to avoid what I did.

First you need land. You need it to be building land but this means it will be quite difficult to get something in the middle of no-where, but going the agricultural route I think will just end in tears. We had the opportunity to go this using free land from my wife's parents and in the end, it was just impossible but the compromise you will have to make is a plot will not be singular and you will probably end up with neighbours.

There are lots of plots and the more rural ones will be sold without very important things like electricity, water or access to communal drainage. We bought one without water or drains but you have to factor into the cost the initial investment plus on-going upkeep.

A well will cost around 200 pln per metre you will need to dig down to get water and to get anything like decent drinkable quality you are looking at 30 meters plus. Mine went far deeper than this so do the math if the land has no water. Then comes drainage most town planning officers are only giving permission at the moment for sealed systems which means when it is full you will need them to come and pump it out and until they do, no going to toilet. Mine which is around 8000 litres lasts just over a month and costs 200 pln to pump and you have to monitor your waste water carefully and factor in for a broken government tractor for 3 days when you order the pumping trust me it is a nightmare.

Also, road access again my plot I thought it was wonderful having to drive 2 km through the forest to get to my wooden house but then the winter arrives. When we moved in, we had 2 normal cars after the first winter bye bye normal cars 1 4 x 4 normal car and one 4x4 all-terrain with the full tyre setup were required so factor this in as they are way more expensive to run and maintain.

So now we come to the wooden house bit. You have 3 options a first a big company with full factory facilities who will basically turn up with a ready-made house and put it together on your land. 2 medium sized company who will make your house from pieces. 3. A local one-man band who will make your house himself.

So, option 1

This is the best option but will be the most expensive about 30 percent more when I looked into it but will give you guarantees etc and will have good quality control and be professional. (I didn't take this option) I would recommend Sendom

Option 2

This was the one I went with my first place, Big mistake! One of the biggest problems in Poland at the moment is getting decent workers and the medium sized companies struggle the most with this. They end up scrapping the bottom of the barrel so the people that built my house were basically constantly drunk and sometimes didn't work because they hadn't finished partying nightmare. Also, medium size businesses have money issues and the guy who built our house 3 months later went bankrupt leaving 3 houses not finished, so no guarantee what so ever.

Option 3
We built after our house a building where we have an Airbnb business and we thought let's get a local guy who is recommended and will not be drunk or bankrupt and will take care to build our house well. So, here are problems too we live 3 hour's drive from Germany which means that all decent tradesman disappears often to Germany where they can earn3 times the money they can here. So, our guy although good and not a drunk did disappear 4 times for 3 weeks to make money in Germany without even a phone call to let us know very frustrating when the roof is not on and it's raining buckets.

So wooden houses things to know

They are warm but move for the first 4 years so look out for cracks that will let drafts in ruining your warm cosy house.

You have to paint them with paint that will cost you more than your car. We have to paint our house once every 2 years on the sunny side and once every 5 years on the other side. The paint costs 2000 pln for 25 litres and 50 is needed to do the painting plus your time and you will have to buy scaffolding or pay someone to paint it.

Your insurance will cost you 4 times as much. Our house is 150 metres square a concrete house you could probably insure for around 500 pln, ours 2200 but when a wood house burns it all goes so don't skimp here.

Don't skimp on windows and doors spend as much as you possibly can in this area as this will come back in any heating bills.

Wood moves so tiles in the first couple of years are a bad idea as they will crack as the house moves and they don't.

Ok so above are all the reasons not to do what you want to do, but the dreams of a wooden house next to forest are strong. If I did it again, I would still do wood but with allot of changes.

If you need any specific advice let me know
msantomauros - | 1
4 Apr 2022 #6
Thanks so much for sharing all of that info. You simply wrote everything I am looking for about my dream log cabin house in a forest, in Poland. Would you mind answering some additional questions? Not many, but... a few, as you have the exact experience on what I am planning to do.

Let me know if you are still available.

Thanks so much in advance

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