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Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood

9 Oct 2019 #1
Hi all. I'd like to buy land in the nature in Poland and build a wooden house. Any suggestions on how I start? Thanks!"
cms neuf - | 1,021
9 Oct 2019 #2
You first need to read about the restrictions on buying farmland - which apply to both Poles and foreigners. Basically you need to be a registered farmer.

For your plans you might like to buy a small plot next to a lake where it would be easier to get permission, but you will also probably have some neighbors. A wooden house is just for summer ? Winters are going to be a big problem if you want to live their year round so make sure the road is passable and you have a water supply.
pawian 161 | 9,971
10 Oct 2019 #3
It doesn`t need to be a farmland. There are also construction/building plots, excluded from farming.
Where to start? Start by checking ads on major buy/sell property sites. You can also contact an estate agency in a big city but those in small ones could be also appropriate for your needs.

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