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HELP: ALLEGRO... Do most Polish buyers at use PayPal?

googly 1 | 1
3 Mar 2008 #1
Do most Polish buyers at use PayPal?

(I am a merchant with a product I make and wish to market it in Poland.)

Any assistance would be much appreciated! Many thanks...
davidpeake 14 | 451
3 Mar 2008 #2
hi, i was asking my wife this question the other day, and it seems direct payment into a bank account is more popular.
OP googly 1 | 1
3 Mar 2008 #4
Yes, it IS unpleasant using paypal ("painpal") at times... However, I believe my bank will charge me a fortune to convert funds from zlotys to US dollars... Paypal does that so cheaply!
3 Mar 2008 #5
Paypal is the devils work

i agree

i believe most allegro users prefer bank transfer payments
Krzysztof 2 | 973
3 Mar 2008 #6
confirming: bank transfers, the reason PayPal is not popular in Poland: they waited too long, they started their services here only about 3 years ago (and it was only one-way traffic first - you could pay someone, but you weren't allowed to receive cash). I think they missed the opportunity and won't conquer Polish market too soon.
18 Mar 2008 #7
Hello. Is there a way of translating the Allegro page from polish to English. I cant find a translate page button on the google search engine. Because of this I dont know if Allegro is like ebay where you can contact / email another member and 'ask them a question'. Does anybody know about this?

Kowalski 7 | 621
19 Mar 2008 #8
'ask them a question'

Look for "Zadaj pytanie sprzedającemu" - email form will open.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
19 Mar 2008 #9
Paypal is the devils work

Indeed, a while ago I had a dispute with some merchant who did not deliver the correct goods I ordered because he did not have them on stoch anymore. He didn't want to refund the money, so I went to PayPal and informed them of this. The only response I got was that the transaction was older than 45 days and that they would close the case. 3 days later I received an email with a survey to ask me if I was happy about their service. Truly Satan must have been behind this.

M-G (Beëlzebub could be in there too)
Ksysia 25 | 430
6 Dec 2009 #10
No, paypal is not used.

start an account in a Polish bank and publish your IBAN (don't worry, tis' safe. Can't be used without a signature or card for withdrawals)

either that or Płącę z Allegro and Płatności z Allegro, Escrow.
derek trotter 10 | 203
6 Dec 2009 #11
hmm I like Luise, if I got a problem with paypal issues I talk to her ;)

you can even ask her about weather or her religion.
creweman - | 1
25 May 2010 #12
Hello i was hoping if someone can help me i sell designer sunglasses and want to sell them on allegro as i know there is a good market on them and yes mine are 100% real i was going to do it with my partner whos from poland but we are no longer together so i am looking for some form ofg contact as i know these will sell well.

Thank you for any replys Ian
sobieski 107 | 2,128
17 Aug 2010 #13
Thread attached on merging:
Allegro experiences

What are your experiences with Allegro. I have already ordered a few times on E-bay (German and UK one). But is Allegro OK ?
Olaf 6 | 956
26 Aug 2010 #14
It is perfectly ok, you can use Allegro payments, Paypal or similar called PayU. I buy there occasionally and never had problems with it, same as E-bay. It is much more popular in Poland than E-bay though.
Richfilth 6 | 415
26 Aug 2010 #15
I buy and sell on Allegro a lot. Paypal is not an option here, but bank-to-bank transfers and Allegro's own pay system are very good, and free (unlike Paypal's daylight robbery fees.)

I've got a decent rating, only been fobbed off with cheap Chinese junk a few times, but I've never lost serious cash on it. In that respect, Allegro is much better than eBay.
FantasyCostumes - | 2
30 Nov 2010 #16
I was wondering this same thing, as i am starting to sell on Allegro and i dont have a company account in Poland so i was thinking of using paypal (even though im not to keen on it). But now i know that Allegro have their own payment system this is perfect.

Are polish people happy to pay using Allegro payment system? is it convenient for them? This is much better for me then paypal.

It is possible in future i also need someones help in translating certain product titles so that they can be found by polish people.

Richfilth 6 | 415
30 Nov 2010 #17
The allegro payment account still requires a Polish bank account to withdraw money into, so if you don't have one of those, then you still don't have a valid method of payment.

Some buyers insist on using Allegro's system, others don't trust it (because they don't like to leave any trace of their purchases - national suspicious character trait there), but either way, Paypal is pointless in Poland.
FantasyCostumes - | 2
30 Nov 2010 #18
hey thanks very much for your reply. i now have allegro up and running. I was able to add my international account on allegro which was great, it lets you add any bank as long as you have BIC, IBANS and SWIFT, which is awesome. Far better to use the inhouse payment system then others, so im very pleased. Now i just have to wait for some orders to come in:)

Do you guys know much about allergo stores? as i am thinking of opening one.

One more thing, does this mean that payment can only be sent to your bank overseas in US Dollars? im using google translate. My bank can accept this but its a bit of a pain to transfer from Polish money, then to american, then to euro lol.

Wypłaty za granicę są możliwe:
wyłącznie do banków, które przyjmują przelewy w złotówkach;
14. i ostatniego dnia miesiąca, a jeśli saldo nie przekroczy 100 zł - tylko ostatniego dnia miesiąca.
6 Feb 2012 #19
Open an account with forex for money exchange. They have easily the best rates and lowest charges.

Also re trading in Poland, by far the most popular system is a cash transfer of a deposit to the sellers account and a final c.o.d payment direct to a courier on delivery

Finally if you dont want cash conversions find yourself an agent and sell to them in us dollars!
9 Jul 2013 #20
I was able to convert the from polish to English using Google "chrome". I, too, was skeptical. However, after purusing their site for several days, I'm wondering if they are on the up and up. We'll see on August 1st when they're supposed to transfer funds into my paypal account.
9 Jul 2015 #21
I live in sweden and want to buy spare parts for my motorcycle thats only awailible in Poland on
I don't have a polish bank account and don't wish to get one either.
I have used Paypal to buy things from other countries and in works fine. Does it work on nowdays in 2015
what other options do I have?
Get someone in Poland with a Paypal account to buy the things I need and send them to me and then pay him/her somehow for the trouble?

Thanks for any advice on this matter.
Wulkan - | 3,243
9 Jul 2015 #22
Does it work on nowdays in 2015

Didn't it work in the recent years?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
9 Jul 2015 #23
Thanks for any advice on this matter

The ONLY way to do any business on Allegro is to send by courier and COD - meaning that I, the buyer, will only pay for the goods when I have them in my hand.

I will never again pay for goods electronically in advance. Way too often on Allegro people are scammed. It reflects badly on the huge majority like yourself who are bone fide and on the level.
13 Jun 2016 #24
Patrik 1 - asking for someone to act like an intermediate looks like a scam. You can cancel the paypal transaction as soon as the goods are shipped.

If you really want the part, just order it and pay with your card. Only make sure the seller will ship overseas.

@Dougpol1 There are hardly any scams on Allegro. Safest way is to pay with card: if you open the box and it's potatoes inside you just call your bank and block the payment.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
13 Jun 2016 #25
There are hardly any scams on Allegro. Safest way is to pay with card: if you open the box

A couple of times the "box" never appeared. Scammed out of a total of 300 zl (many years ago though). Business sellers, card transaction. If an individual seller, I only pay the courier or no deal:)
Hellooo - | 28
14 Jun 2016 #26
I'v been scammed on allegro ,Because they don't accept paypal the most secure
I only buy now from ebay that i can use my paypal
20 Aug 2018 #27
i have purchased items from allegro pl , i am in the uk, one of the sellers said i didnt pay enough shipping costs and asked me to pay an extra 59 zloty to post to me, i used the pay extra button which only allows you to pay 30 zloty max, my question is how do i pay the rest? as it wont let me do anymore, its now greyed out, i have contacted the seller with other options of payment like paypal, bank transfer but had no response, this seller is a company so im not worried but is there another way i can send them the extra zloty? i used my bank card to make the original payment
Looker - | 1,126
20 Aug 2018 #28
So it seems like a mistake of this seller, try to contact him again and he should correct the amount for the extra charge at Allegro.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
20 Aug 2018 #29
i used my bank card to make the original payment

Only ever buy from Allegro by COD ( pay the courier on delivery) Otherwise you are risking your money. Caveat emptor and all that....
Alexbrz 3 | 78
22 Aug 2018 #30
Thats a load of bull. You can see the companies rating just like ebay. Keep an eye on that and i've never had any issue receiving my goods.

Theres even a paypal-like dispute option in Allegro nowadays

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