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Buying from Allegro using PayU or Paypal and paying for item

Jars777 20 | 70
12 Nov 2012 #1
Hi all

I have a question. I bought something on Allegro and used the payment method PayU for the first time. I thought it was exactly like PayPal. But I cannot work out how it will actually pay for the item? I set-up my bank account number on the PayU tab on allegro but I am not sure how the money will actually get from my bank account to the sellers account (or onto the PayU) account. Does this go automatically or will I get another email?

Sorry I am a little lost and don't want my order to get stuck just because I didn't pay for it. Do I have to register with PayU on their website and then transfer the funds? (So like with paypal)?

Help will be much appreciated.

pantsless 1 | 267
12 Nov 2012 #2
When you pay using PayU you still go through your bank account to make an online "przelew" like normal, you don't need to type in any info in as it has already been entered, just confirm the transfer. And you technically don't need to register with PayU to use it.
OP Jars777 20 | 70
12 Nov 2012 #3
Thank you for this. But when I try to pay for it, it never opens any website to my bank. Or do I need to actually log into my online bank and transfer the money? I don't know where to send it to though? Sorry, a little lost here.

Sorry.... one more question:

Does this "Przesyłka kurierska" mean I pay the delivery driver?
Nacjonalista 4 | 96
12 Nov 2012 #4
Does this "Przesyłka kurierska" mean I pay the delivery driver?

That means a courier service (usually Śiódemka) will deliver your package. I know there is an option to just pay the driver. I use that method it's easiest.
pantsless 1 | 267
12 Nov 2012 #5
In Moje Allegro, Moje Zakupy, Kupione, you'll find what you bought and to the right of the item Opcje. Click on that and then on Place. Select the shipping method, confirm if everything is right and click Plac or something, it should take you to your bank account login page, login, the bank transfer info has already been completed, you just need to confirm it by entering your password or sms token, whichever you use. That's it. You should get three emails from Allegro, one where you chose how to pay for the item, the second that you chose PayU and the third that you actually paid.

Przesylka kurierska is your standard 24h courier like UPS, DHL, DPD... Przesylka kurierska pobraniowa is Cash on Delivery where you pay the driver, if you want to save yourself the hassle choose that option.
OP Jars777 20 | 70
12 Nov 2012 #6
Ok... I got the following emails:

1) Kupiłeś przez Kup Teraz - nr: XXXXX

Koszt przesyłki pokrywa Kupujący
Opcje dostawy
Przesyłka kurierska: 20,00 zł
Przesyłka kurierska pobraniowa: 30,00 zł
Odbiór osobisty: 0,00 zł
Odbiór osobisty po przedpłacie: 0,00 zł
Formy płatności Zwykły przelew (płatność z góry), Płatność przy odbiorze, PayU,

2) Wybrałeś sposób zapłaty i dostawy Twoich zakupów

Dane płatności:
Metoda płatności Zwykły przelew

3) Potwierdź konfigurację PayU

Dziękujemy za skonfigurowanie PayU.

Konfiguracji dokonano 2012-11-11 16:22:05 z komputera o numerze IP XXXXXX

Aby potwierdzić wybrane ustawienia, kliknij w poniższy link lub skopiuj go do paska adresowego przeglądarki (upewnij się, że nie ma spacji pomiędzy znakami).

Ze względów bezpieczeństwa przesłany link jest aktywny tylko 24 godziny. Po upływie tego terminu przejdź do zakładki: PayU: Konfiguracja i wybierz przycisk Wyślij Link, żeby otrzymać e-mail z nowym linkiem.

Jeżeli jesteś Użytkownikiem tego konta w Allegro, ale nie konfigurowałeś PayU, prosimy o kontakt z obsługą Użytkowników.

PayU nie pobiera opłaty od realizacji usługi.

Nothing else.

If I go to "Opcje" and then "Place". I only get this:

Sposób dostawy: Przesyłka kurierska XX,00 zł
Do zapłaty: XX,00 zł
Metoda płatności Zwykły przelew
Utworzenie 2012-11-11 16:09:32
Sposób i koszt dostawy Przesyłka kurierska 20,00 zł
Numer przesyłki
Adres do wysyłki XXXX,Polska
Telefon kontaktowy XXXX
Wiadomość dla Sprzedającego Brak

There is only a botton "Powrot".

So... I don't seem to be able to pay for the item.

Any ideas?

Many thanks. Your help is much appreciated.

pantsless 1 | 267
12 Nov 2012 #7
Metoda płatności Zwykły przelew
Payment method: Standard bank transfer

You need to select PayU somehow, as I see you already have the PayU account set up. Or again, give it a rest and have them send it to you COD.
jon357 75 | 22,601
10 Feb 2013 #8
I just bought something from Allegro. I'd forgotten what a pain in the arse it was - I thought it would be a bit cheaper than buying from e-bay and getting it couriered into PL. Frankly that would have been a better option and worth the extra few quid.
29 Aug 2014 #9
Merged: ALLEGRO Help - paying for an item I won


I recently won an auction on Allegro.

I opened a PayU account, put in my bank information, but every time I try to pay, it is automatically cancelled about an hour later.

I also tried to pay directly with credit card through allegro, and this also gets cancelled.

My location is in the United States and I don't think I can pay with wire transfer through Allegro because it only has European banks.

Unfortunately, the seller does not accept PayPal. I would actually pay a lot extra to take care of the fees if they just accepted paypal as it is easy and secure.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!
Looker - | 1,131
29 Aug 2014 #10
I opened a PayU account, put in my bank information, but every time I try to pay, it is automatically cancelled about an hour later.

PayU don't work like Paypal. Allegro informs that now it's not possible to pay directly with funds gathered on PayU - you may just transfer the money to your own Polish bank account or post office transfer to your address (in Poland)

I also tried to pay directly with credit card through allegro, and this also gets cancelled.

Try other card (debit) maybe.
If it fails contact with allegro via the form:

choose: Jestem Kupującym / Zapłaciłem przez PayU.../ click 'formularz' / put your email, write the questions click on 'wyślij wiadomość' ...and wait couple of days to answer.
29 Aug 2014 #11
Did you contact with seller? Does he sent items abroad?
29 Aug 2014 #12
Hello, thanks for the responses.

The seller does ship abroad.

I am located in the united states and do not have a Polish bank account. In fact, because I do not have a European bank account, it seems I cannot pay with instant bank transfer through Allegro.

I suppose I could pay with international bank transfer outside of Allegro, but I would rather go through Allegro so I have some protection in case there is a problem. It was an expensive purchase.

Am I doing something wrong with PayU? I've opened an account and have a bank card on file with them now. But when I try to pay it bounces back. Do I have to verify my PayU account somehow?
29 Aug 2014 #13
what did you buy as if you know someone in poland you could send them a paypal payment and they can do the transfer for you easy

or set up a European pre paid mastercard you can choose the currency etc and is just a virtual card
31 Aug 2014 #14
truytr, thank you for your response. That is a great idea!

I spoke with a friend who is in the Netherlands - he has initiated a payment for me through Allegro. He is not sure if it went through though.

If it didn't, I will try the pre-paid Mastercard.

Thank you!
Brenda Alice - | 3
29 Jan 2017 #15
Hi I recently put up an online store in allegro but being a foreigner there is a lot I don't get. Anyone who can explain to me Pay u coz at the moment I have 3 payments on pay u but I can't see the reflection in my bank account.How can i get the money Coz personally I can't send the items if i don't have access to the money.
Almuyi1 - | 1
15 Feb 2019 #16

Allegro How do ı shop in Allegro

Hello everyone
I want to shop at allegro but ı dont know polish and ı dont understand somethings in allegro. Firstly ı make a deposit with payu and ı tried the somethings but ı cant can you help me? Thank you everyone
Looker - | 1,131
15 Feb 2019 #17
Maybe we could help you with "somethings"? When you tried somethings what happened?
Try explain slowly, preferably step by step, what you did and what's your problem exactly.
Jola R - | 1
24 Aug 2020 #18
Greetings from Norway!
Maybe someone will need such a contact ...

The easiest way to pay on allegro and order international shipping on alle click.

Positive experience of working with them.

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