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Question about a Nintendo DSi bought on - will everything be in Polish?

KMack914 1 | 2
9 Jul 2012 #1
Hi there, I just recently moved to Poland and I just discovered the website. My daughter whose birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks just fried her Nintendo DSi because she didn't connect it to the converter I left out for her (we purchased it in USA). I would like to buy her a new one from allegro so we don't have to worry about converting the electricity, but it just dawned on me that everything will probably be in Polish?? And if so is there a way to change the language for everything (help menu, etc) to English? Hoping someone can help because I don't have long to replace it before her birthday, thanks!!
irishguy11 6 | 157
9 Jul 2012 #2
This might help. The power of youtube and the tech geek is unreal.

Why not go into a shop and ask them can you change it to english.
OP KMack914 1 | 2
9 Jul 2012 #3
Okay thanks, but that's in Chinese, lol!! Anyway I wouldn't even know a shop that would sell them, I haven't been here long so haven't been to too many electronics places -Would something like Saturn carry them? I'm in Krakow if it matters. THanks
irishguy11 6 | 157
9 Jul 2012 #4
Saturn sells them, just go in and ask them if you were to buy one, how you change Polish to English. If you go into the shopping center beside the train station, I think there is a saturn store there. In general, all the gaming systems in Europe are the same and the language can be changed. But to make sure, just ask a sales person in saturn.
wawa_marek 1 | 129
9 Jul 2012 #5
Would something like Saturn carry them?

I don't think so. I Krakow must be a lot of Nintendo specialists anyway.
irishguy11 6 | 157
9 Jul 2012 #6
Just being on their website, they have them:
wawa_marek 1 | 129
9 Jul 2012 #7
Just being on their website, they have them

They officialy do not service any equipment bought by other distribution channel. But maybe in Saturn or Mediamarkt service they could change it for him If he kindly ask.
10 Jul 2012 #8
Mediamarkt ain't exactly overflowing with free customer-service. I tried to return an unopened GPS I bought at the Galeria at the Bielany store, and you would have thought I asked them for a bone marrow transplant. That being said, Nintendo's UI will have a bevy of languages pre-loaded, Polish and English among them. That's advice you asked for; now for some that's unsolicited. Don't buy your little miss brand new electronics every time she's lax with her converter. One costly mistake is one thing, but as the father of a daughter myself, I can tell you it's a bad precedent to reward reckless behavior. I know she's a little girl, and it's an easy thing to forget, but it's our job as dads to play the hardcase every now and again. But to reiterate your OP, Nintendo is a virtual compendium of all foreign languages, so don't sweat it.
OP KMack914 1 | 2
10 Jul 2012 #9
I have seen some signs for MediaMarkt around but have yet to go inside one. And the one time I was in Saturn no one really spoke English so I had to figure everything out on my own, but I will venture back there!

Jasondmzk I totally agree - I am against the thing but when her dad saw her in tears I knew he would be on the phone with grandma asap to get another one sent over from the US. I am trying to avoid another electrical mishap and in fairness, I don't think she exactly understood what the converter was. But now she won't forget!
cymru 1 | 6
10 Jul 2012 #10
I have bought two DSi's in the past from allegro, both were in English. I think you can change language anyway in the setup menu, but I don't think there is a Polish version. All the games are in English, German, French or Spanish and you can usually select which language you want.

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